Simple Way of Achieving Fame

In today's world it has become more simple and easy for gaining any publicity or popularity. For getting name and fame one does not require hard work to done. It's very simple and one does not have to join any school or colleges for doing it. Well few people in this world have such ill mentality and they gain popularity in just few days.

Well the focal point of this pen work is to talk about those nuisances and mad people around the world who dare to hurt the sentiments of religions. It may happen with any religion of the world. Yes the recently released movie which depicts controversial elements against the teachings of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him)

Well the point of making such concept for such people remains publicity to gain in a short span of time. They know that controversies are the key elements for making them popular or a topic of discussions among the people. They prepare themselves for handling or dealing with any situations. They do not bother for any reactions from the masses. They know that the more agitations and more protest would result in gaining more popularity and publicity for themselves and as well as their work. Sometimes they even cross the limits of depicting that work which is not in real form and many times associated with false things with any religion.

Such types of people are found all around the world. If they want to launch any product or brand they even take help of any religion and mingle it with religion to popularize their products. Just a criticism for their work makes them famous and they adopt the same principles for doing it.
Remember rebel to any religion is rebel to Almighty God. Religion should be kept separated from all sorts of personal gains name and fame. Make our work good and impressive to be appreciated by the people. People should appreciate and praise our work rather than criticizing us.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession