In The Name Of Allah The most Merciful and Beneficent
The incident in East Lansing, Michigan America of defaming Quran has been shameful act to depict their own publicity in the name of religion. But remember you cannot play sentimental puppets with the words of Almighty God for God has taken the responsibility of caring and preserving the Holy Quran as it was revealed is mentioned in (Surah No 15 Ayat No 8) Holy Quran is and would be preserved as it is in the hearts of billions and millions of Kuffas means Hafiz around the whole universe. How can you defame them. They are well preserved as it was reveled upon Prophet. This is the point to be noted and think over. Take time to read and understand it and learn from it.

Read Quran than to defame it. The words in the Quran are words of Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat which was reveled upon the Prophet Mohammad (Be Peace And Blessings Upon Him). Its real appreciation lies in reading and understanding and inculcating the prolific values in our day to day life. Prophet Mohammad (Be Peace And Blessings Upon Him) Himself is the best example of it. Prophet almost himself almost did, touch, followed, highlighted, all the aspects of Islam and its teachings. Holy Quran is meant for reading and bringing desired changes in our life. People who have any misconceptions about it should feel free and relax to read a copy of any Quran to find out the factual truth. It's not an ordinary book but a book which contains guidance for humanity. It teaches and preaches universal brotherhood. Quran is the only book in the whole universe that is still same as it was revealed upon the Prophet Mohammad ( Be Peace And Blessings Upon Him) and preserved in the millions of hearts of Hafiz around the globe. Any Quran one may pick up from any nation or state it would be a same that's the real miracle of Almighty God. It is written in Holy Quran that Allah has himself taken the responsibility of Revealing and Protecting the Holy Quran. Hence we human beings have no right what so ever to go against the creation of God. Read Quran and burn saitan
Liyakat Shah

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