Love And Care Your Daughter

Almighty God has given someone girl as a child and someone as boy. He never differentiates both of them and gives both of them equal opportunities. But we human create differences in them and give an upper hand to boys as compared to girls. Many a times there are also many abortions when the report of having a female child is confirmed. Thanks to government and other social organizations who took severe steps to put an end to such situations. Actually it is the mentality of humans that they give more preference to male child as compared to female. If we see the real aspect than it is seen that a girl loves more to parents than a boy.

Today we find that many people take a female child as a burden on them. They do not give the same treatment as they give to boys and care less to her. To all those parents who have a girl child at home should take a great opportunity to give her best of best facilities, care, love and affection.
Now days we find many organizations, people and media taking up the steps to highlight about female infanticide, dowry, abortion and many more problems related with females. Islam has spoken about such ill things about females about fourteen hundred years ago. Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings upon Him and His family) has given a status to women and gave them a place of honour, respect and dignity.

Give your daughter the best facilities of the world. Always keep her smiling. Be a good friend and father of her. Teach her all good moral values imbibed with true faith honesty and truthfulness. Waste no time in wasting such an opportunity before it's too late when she has gone away. Remember once she gets married and settles away to an unknown destination. Remember at our bad times it is girls who remembers and cares us. She loves and cares not only her in laws but also her own parents. She has to adjust to new house, new parents and new people and new society and new place.
Give your girl child all things you have never keep her hungry for love, food and all facilities.
Here is a beautiful Hadith of our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings upon Him and His Family)
"Whoever takes care of two girls until they reach adulthood he and I will come (together) on the Day of Resurrection and he interlaced his fingers (meaning in Paradise)."

(Reported by Muslim)

"Whoever has three daughters or sisters, or two daughters of two sisters, and lives along with them in a good manner, and has patience with them, and fears Allah with regard to them will enter Paradise."

(Reported by Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidi and others)
May Almighty Allah give us Hidayat to care our girl child Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession