LOVE! the most beautiful word which is used in the whole universe. Love varies in terms of relationship either with humans, animals, plants may be it livings or non-livings. In humans we have a relationship of true love between mother father husband wife brothers sisters relatives and so on. The pains sufferings care love oneness are some of the aspects that goes parallel to each mothers of the world. Being a kid a child is unaware of the complex world it is the mother's lap of love that makes him feel and cherish that the world is very simple enough. The loving relationship between animals can be depicted at home, forest, jungles or roads whose love is boundless and has a cordial emotional and spontaneous expressions in front of masses or strangers. Animals makes every possible means and measures to feed their young ones. A common example can be traced from birds that flies miles and miles away to get few granules of grains in their beaks to feed their young chicks. They make their utmost care to prevent their dwelling place free from all kinds of bearable or unbearable climatic condition. They care their young ones from all enemies and if situation is such they even try to defend to their cost to prevent them from any enemy. It all happens because of the kind of love they have for them. A mother at home and outside cares and nourishes her child to the best quality to bring smile on her face the baby's mere just cry or any noise or movements makes her worry as to what has happen to her child. This is living relationship that has the base of love can be best predicted by the mother themselves.

Another loving relationship is with the Almighty God who is the Creator of this Universe. We often pray to Him because prayer bring much closer to the Creator and it is an important way of thanking and worshipping Him. When a person neglects prayer than he goes far away from his Lord. The love mercy and blessings of God can be felt and tested in such a way that in spite of doing countless bad deeds and bad work and crimes. God cares and loves us. His blessings and mercy is immense and more vast than four oceans.

"It is said that if all trees of the world are made into pen and all waters of world as ink than also could not write the blessings and mercy of Almighty God"

So from this the we can imagine the mercy and blessings of God. We people are so culprit that we did not leave any sins to be done we have almost cross all the limits of doing our sins. All our body parts are somehow associated with it. But its just God's loving mercy that we stand still He gives ample time for us to come to the right path. So this love should be taken as an opportunity by us to correct our self as soon as possible. God loves those people most who had done a lot of sins may be the sins equivalent to the water of oceans but the condition is that one should repent himself as soon as possible and never do that sins again and again. We humans remember our God only at bad times but once the problems are overcome than we begin to show colours. Hence we humans should remember our Lord at all times.
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles