Load Shedding A Serious Problem
Pollution is the outcome of human creation. Today it has become a very serious issue and especially in India it has become a topic of deep concern. No doubt it is the human creation and we humans are totally responsible for that and now with shortage of natural resources and other natural problems we have to pay for that. There are many reasons for pollution but the main focal point remains the human beings. Human knows how to live in this world but they do not know how to take care of it. Now a day's pollution had been a serious concern for our planet that is Earth.

In India in many states we have a shortage of power cuts in the form of load shedding. There is a daily power cut for seven to eight hours in cities and towns and ten to eleven hours in remote villages. The reason for that is that there is a shortage of natural resources such as coal and water in order to produce necessary electricity for the people to use. But sadly to say that the on growing population is also a serious concern as the resources fell short for them. So as a measure of make up with the crises the Government started power cuts in the form of load shedding. The main people who suffer from such crises are the poor people and the upper and middle class people have got an option to have inverters to charge in presence of electricity and to give a back up of electricity in absence of power cuts especially at night. Similarly when there is a severe shortage of natural resources or at time of drought or famine when the condition is worse than we also have zero loads shedding which means that there would be power cut for almost half a day and when the power would go is not known rather it is a surprise for the people. The problem of load shedding has been since two decades almost ten to fifteen years. In this period many government came and gone and many promised to free the states from acute problem of power cuts. But none prove to be authentic and people still remained in darkness as ever. Now people have become habituated and power cuts have become our daily routine.

There is no surprise or happiness even if we have or do not have power. Now we get at least powers for fifteen to twenty hours we do not know what our children would get. Government comes and goes after five years but politician use removal of load shedding as a measure of politics to give assurance and remove load shedding to attract the audience. But once the elections guns are silent than people have the same problem.

In olden days the ruler of the province was so much cautious and responsible that he was concern even for a single person in his kingdom and now the situation is exactly opposite.
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession