Almighty God created humans for the cause of humanity. But the present scenario is exactly opposite of it rather it would not be wrong that we humans has almost forgotten the basic lessons of humanity. The so called humanity was mingled in the society during the olden days it was just like the part and parcel of society or a nation.

People trusted people so much that they were ready to sacrifice themselves for the cause of humanity. But today the situation is totally changed nowadays man just craves for himself and the feelings of other humans is vanished from his heart and soul. He begins to feel about his personal gains and importance of his own belonging without thinking of others. People with such thinking would never be successful in life unless and until they think of humans as a whole. Our society is a combination of various people irrespective of caste, creed and tribe. Humanity acts as a guiding force for humans. Look at those people who set up or built up an organization or institution on grounds of humanity. In spite of their hectic schedule they dwell time, money, source for the cause of humanity. Are they not humans, do they not have any work or a family but they are the people who feel happy by bringing happiness on others face. Such people would act as a motivational appliances to the people.

Life is a combination of joy and sorrow every living being has to taste death. It may come to an end at some or the other day. But what remains is our good charitable work for the cause of humanity. The time should be taken as an opportunity and should be served for the cause of humanity. Every good work be it small or big has many difficulties and hazards in its initial stage. But this may increase our experience in surpassing the drawbacks of good work. Neglect all negative circumstances and make up your mind to build up a society on humanism ground. We live for our self but from today onwards begin to feel to live for others. One may begin to feel change in acts, life, heart and soul. There are innumerable people in this world who are deprived of their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. So what is the use of we rich people to lead such a luxurious life when our brothers and sisters are living below poverty line. Our real hunger would be satisfied if we feed some hungry people. Our real home would be when we provide shelter to person who do not have a place to hide himself. Our real dress up would be elegant when we offer clothes to that person who had not seen new clothes since ages.

Lets make up our mind from the day onwards to help the poor and the needy. To live for others if not as a whole but with few because they are also humans they too have a heart with dreams but their dreams remains dream because of their poverty.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a teacher by profession and love to pen articles