Every Child Is A Genius
Today we are living in modern scientific world and one has to upgrade and update himself from time to time. Things which have been invented few years ago have become out dated and old and every sector has undergone specific changes. If we do not update our self than we would be lost in this complex world, hence we ought to think for that.

The days are gone when we used to narrate a story about a thirsty crow who was thirsty and finds water in a problematic situation. As a measure of solution starts inserting pebbles in the pot to raise the level of water to quench his thirst, but now a day kids are so intelligent and they suggest new ways and measures to the crow either to make use of a straw or a pipe to draw out water from the pot towards mouth and some more intelligent kids even cross the limits and go further by saying that the crow should have made a hole in the lower part of the pot to make the water flow away from the hole and satisfy his thirst. So we can imagine that the kids are so brilliant and smarter in intelligence only thing is that they need some grooming to build up. A small child who is just a month or a year old have a sense of intelligence and he goes to every familiar or known person around his surroundings and the same child begins to cry if any unknown person approaches him to take in order to have love and affection. But in spite of close relatives he sees a demon like figure and rejects the person and his incentives in the form of chocolates or what so ever. It is just because the child has developed an image in his mind that who are his known and unknown persons. The moment he finds his mother or known person absent than he express anger and frustration in the form of cry or sound to convey a message that he needs them he fear from surrounding circumstances. Similarly a child imitates the things he sees around. He imitates the acts of parents and is often displayed by the kids at home or society.

Children are innocent at childhood we can mold them the way we want. A care is to be taken from his childhood we need to be cautious to deal with him even if it is a minor problem. Not to compel or force the kids to do an act against their wish. Be liberal with the. It's Almighty God that created them with all varied intelligence.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession