Look at the small plant that stands in all types of climatic condition and in spite of unfavorable conditions still survives and a day comes when it grows into a full fledged tree giving shade to the travelers. Sweet fruits to we people even to those who gives stones in return and wood for fire to burn itself and light others house. Oxygen to all people without having any caste barriers and charging any bill for that, Dwelling place for birds and insects and we can say all its body parts from childhood to old age are all useful to we humans and in spite of knowing all this facts still it survive and gives a smiling welcome by waving its branches and twigs. Similarly trees that have a lot of bushes and greenery are often flocked with different kinds of birds and it feels proud that such species have a dwelling place in its branches.

Well do you that it takes few minutes to chop or cut a tree and years and years to grow. The growth of plants is slow. Hence one should think a lot before cutting a tree. A man does not only cut a tree but cuts off all ecological system. One tree that is cut for personal use stops all free of cost service to the people and environment, so think a lot before you pick up a sharp axe or a saw.
A tree that stands on an open ground does not require anything from us not even filtered water to survive as it depends on rain water from Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat to live and survive in this world. But human in spite of knowing that just goes against it and cuts it to show how rude he is.

Trees are our best friend and it is the responsibility of a friend to safeguard and protect a friend at difficult times. Today we need to plant more and more trees due to on growing pollution which results in many serious problems. We do not have to spend millions or billions of rupees, but mere just a kind attention, care and protection to survive in this world.

Remember if people have such mind set up of protecting trees than very soon our planet would be called as Green Planet. All natural things are creations of Almighty Allah and it is every human responsibility to protect and safeguard it from any harm. Just as we protect and care our body at time of any ailments so let's take a pledge for it.

May Allah Rabbul Izzat give us Hidayat to plant more and more trees and to take care of them Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah
The writer can be reached at shahdoof@gmail.com

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A teacher by profession