Egoism an act to think that I am something different or unique person than others, a procedure by which we begin to think I am the sole highly different person than any other. It may make a person to overact at some situations and to underestimate others. Actually it is a person's ability or talent that is great and not the person if act egoism comes in his or her mind than people are not benefited from it. It is just done for his personal name and fame so that people may every now and then would just and just talk about the person that he is so nice in his or her department. If our talent or good work is done for our own sake than the work loses its benefits and advantages.

Egoism may come in many ways, person may be egoistic by his post, status, work, or whatever God has given him or her. If the person is good orator and he come well prepared for the speech and chooses a nice current topic to get applauses from the people than in listening skill it may sound very good to the audience but if the intension of the orator is different and thinks that it would be a measure of publicity or his talent or to gain popularity or financial status than whole procedure is of no use as the sole intension of that program was to earn name and fame. Egoism would be dangerous if people do not change their attitude as soon as possible. People should praise our work and not our self. It is a gift to us from God and things given by God should be for people and not for our own sake. Egoism leads to envy and frustration if the so called person does not get the required amount necessary praise there by thinking that his position is decorating in the society. Unless he gets time to time praise and cheers he or she would feel happy and often become sad when people do not discuss about him. Egoism comes in people's mind when he tends to think that he or she is well satisfied in all walks of life in terms of money, status and so on. But remember all these things are temporary instrument to play. Real life would be when people are benefited from your good work you may charge for satisfying your daily needs. If people are benefited by your good work than it may improve your good deeds for generation to come

Henceforth say no to egoism do not make your different identity mingle with the people. Eat simple food seek blessings of poor and needy, find people who are more simple and poorer than you.
Mr. Liyakat Shah
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