Benefits Of Solat ( Namaz)
• Solat is obligatory five times prayer instructed by Allah Rabbul Izzat
• Solat is the Sunnat of Prophets
• Solat purifies our mind, heart body and soul
• Solat bring us closer to Almighty God
• Solat keeps our body and mind fit, fresh and fine
• Solat gives us desired energy and vigour to our body
• Solat as a Prayer is being offered since ancient times
• Solat brings all Muslims closer to each other
• Solat can have collective mass gathering to stand on one platform
• Solat teaches us that all are equal before God
• Solat teaches that there is no discrimination among humans irrespective of caste or tribes or race
• Solat is offered by same procedure in whole world
• Solat is one of the pillars of Islam
• Solat is must for every adult and healthy person
• Solat can be shorten at the time of journey or illness
• Solat is termed as Miraj of Momin
• Solat can increase our wealth and treasure
• Solat teaches us to be kind honest and truthful
• Solat question would be asked in the grave
• Solat can prevent us from the severe punishment in grave
• Solat is symbol of true Emaan
• Solat gives shinning Noor on our face
• Solat keep us in touch with Allah Jalleshahnaho
• Solat is good type of exercise for health
• Solat brings Baraqat at home, place and business
• Solat teaches us to be polite and obedient
• Solat teaches us punctuality
• Solat is to be offered at its given specific time
• Solat should not be left out for no reason
• Solat is must and person has to offer where ever he or she is
• Solat gives peace and happiness to mind
• Solat relaxes us from sorrowful and boredom life
• Solat would lead us to the gates of heaven
• Solat a short time prayer but has great boon for life time
• Solat teaches us to have patience and tolerance
May Allah Rabbul Izzat give us correct sense to offer Solat on time Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah
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