Muslims Are Not Terrorists

Today terrorism has become one of the major problems of the world and every big or small nation is worried about it. If we take a literal meaning of terrorism than it is an act against humanity to cause huge loss and damage of life and property, and many developing nations have experienced such attacks. But unfortunately today all terrorist activities are linked or associated with only one community that is Muslim and it's a fact that media also played an important role in shaping and building up the mind of people and children. The way the things are shown on screen and given places in newspaper symbolizes that Islam is the religion that teaches and preaches violence, hatred and attacks. This is a blunder misconception about Islam. On the contrary Islam is the only religion in the world which teaches preaches love, compassion, humanity, universal brotherhood, love for nation and many more. Some people fear from its truthfulness and expansions so they mingle it with terrorism to defame it. Today in western country we find many people joining the fold of Islam why? The reason is that Islam is peace and has no violence Islam is spread by sweet words and not by sharp swords.

For example in India the media highlights and correlates any attacks or blast with Muslim people and for no reason innocent youths are made captives on grounds of suspicions and they spoil their whole life behind bars in order to prove their innocence. There are so many Muslim freedom fighters who had equally contributed for the freedom struggle of India and still they consider Muslim as anti social elements and terrorist. No doubt a society may have few anti social elements but we can't predict the cause for such acts and religion should not be blamed for that. If the culprit is found of any guilt of any religion he or she belongs than punish him or her for such things.
Look at the daily newspapers and news daily we come across news related with scam, fraud, and cheat which varies in millions and billions of cores of rupees by our noted learned politicians. Is this not an act of terrorism? They get elected by false and foul means with sole in tensions of earnings in the name of helping people and India. As the Government is associated with it being a political partner of any party the procedure is given a snails speed by appointing any commission which would do its work and thus the whole procedure goes pending. Here Islam says that if you found any person guilty of his act than should be punished within few days and same procedure in implemented even today that on every Friday people are being punished for their crimes. By these serious actions people never dare to do any crimes.

Terrorism has no religion and the person who commits such horrible acts is against the principles of any religion. No religion teaches or preaches such acts. Similarly whoever is found of any things should be shown the proper place. But we should remove our misconception from mind that it's a religion than permits or provokes such things. Religion has nothing to do with it. Similarly always show truth to people never hide any false or unwanted things from people because people are humble and rely and trust on what is shown by the media. So remove the misconceptions that Muslim are terrorists, every religion has its own traditions and customs. Violence has no place in Islam. One cannot cut green trees so how would Islam permit to kill humans. It's against humanity. Unless and until we have love for Islam we could not understand it so feel free to take a deep study of Islam and share your own truth and honest experience with this world to show the real picture of Islam
May Almighty Allah give us a vision to remove misconceptions about Islam and Muslim.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession