Where I Am Standing?
The purpose and meaning of life is understood to us when we grow and think with our intelligence and it is that time that we feel sorry for all our known and unknown actions. Intentionally we may have done certain things depending upon the circumstances but we feel pity after realizing our minor to major mistakes and its human psychology that a good natured person always feel pity and sad for any mistakes and do takes time to correct them as soon as possible and it is a symptoms of good person. If we are arrogant and does not care for what so ever than may be we favour the path of devils more than the good ones. So we need to analysis our self to get the shocking or good answer. One needs to correct himself or herself before the time goes off. Today we may feel very happy and satisfied for our doings and actions. But things will not be same as it is all through all the life, so one has to be prepared to pace up with the good tidings.

Every person is very much associated with a famous word called ZAMEER which means inner voice of heart which always speak the truth and never fall prey to any malpractice. Our whole body may go other way to favour us and think better for time being but our ZAMEER may go other way. It is bestowed with special qualities to speak the truth without bothering for any consequences or situation. If one wants to judge our own self than try with a simple experiments without spending or investing a penny. It just requires a concentration and devotion of few minutes the best way to check is that after lying on our bed to relax our tired body. We need to close our eyes and think and give a flashback of our dawn to dusk activities be it private, personal or general to see about what type of service we rendered whole day. If the answer you get from your heart is against you than we need to be corrected as soon as possible. It is a measures that gives your scale of good work and say where do we stand?

So think and act you may be wrong but your ZAMEER that is inner voice may never go wrong.

Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession