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Author: Liyakat Shah

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About Me: "Islam Is Spread By Sweet Words And Not By sharp swords" There Is No God, but only Allah and Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) Is His Messenger

Articles by Liyakat Shah:
  • Life is Precious Gift of God ( 2913 reads)   

    Life is the best gift of Almighty God live it with smile - Category: Others
  • Veil is Not Evil ( 2475 reads)   

    Veil is an Islamic garment worn by Muslim women around the globe - Category: Religion
  • Democracy a Way of Life ( 3738 reads)   

    Democracy can change any form of government. Democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln that it is for the people by the people and of the people. India the land of multilingual linguistic grandiosity has experienced the caliber of holding the crown of largest democracy in the world. - Category: Politics
  • Misconceptions About Hijab ( Head coverings worn by Muslim Women) ( 3427 reads)   

    Scarf may be different in size look appearance but intention remains the same. The literal meaning of melodious word Hijab means to cover. Hijab is the part and parcel of females residing around the globe. However there are many misconceptions about it in the minds of the people. - Category: Religion

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