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About Me: "Islam Is Spread By Sweet Words And Not By sharp swords" There Is No God, but only Allah and Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) Is His Messenger

Articles by Liyakat Shah:
  • Good Manners are a Must ( 1967 reads)   

    The way the people behave, talk, and do their actions shows their manners and culture. Good manners come in from the parents. If the child is taught a lesson and concept of good manners from beginning that he would grow up to blend a nice cultured person - Category: Education
  • Quran a Book For Human Guidance ( 1887 reads)   

    Quran a book for guidance of whole humanity. A book which teaches us the basic principles of life of present past and also future. A book by whose recitation we can recharge our heart, mind, body and soul. A book which can save us from the severe punishment form grave as well as hell. A book by which we can improve our Emaan. A book by which we can get Shifa - Category: Religion
  • Islamic Banking ( 4197 reads)   

    Islamic banking is that in which the principles and laws are framed and transition is done within Islamic laws of Shariyat. As interest of any kind or form is prohibited in Islam nor its transactions or any specific interest of floating or fixed tenure is permissible in Islam. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Salat ( Prayer) is Must ( 2122 reads)   

    Salat a form of prayer offered by the Ummat E Muslim all over the universe. There are five obligatory necessary prayers which has to be done by every healthy Muslim be it male or female - Category: Religion
  • Zikr of Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat and Its Benefits ( 2537 reads)   

    Zikr a form of remembrance to Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat either in personal or gathering. A way to purify our heart and soul. Zikurllha can be done either we in leisure hours or at work. We can recite a short version of beautiful short words or Ayats in remembrance of Allah Subanao Watala. If such continues than a stage comes when our heart and soul inner voice intend to remind or recite by its own. Zikr may be short but have a great reward near Allah Tabaraq Watala - Category: Religion
  • What is a Mosque? ( 2349 reads)   

    A Mosque is a place where Muslim around the world offer prayers to Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat. It is a type of building either big or small depending upon the population where the followers of Islam assemble to offer prayers called Salat - Category: Religion
  • The Republic Day of India ( 1998 reads)   

    26th January is a very important day in the history of Independent India. On 15th august 1947 India got freedom from the clutches of British Empire and three years later on 26th January 1950 India adopted its own Constitution - Category: Others
  • Let's Try This Odd Things If You Can ( 1766 reads)   

    God has made this beautiful world so let's try these odd things. Try these things if you can. So many people in this world intend to make world records to engrave their names in Gunnies Book of world record. But let's try these odd things to record our good deeds to open the gates of Paradise. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Peace in Islam ( 1699 reads)   

    Peace has a very important place in Islam. Peace is a procedure that may avoid us from doing anything wrong. It is peace that may solve all our conflicts, quarrels and wars by peaceful means - Category: Religion
  • Back Biting in Islam ( 2939 reads)   

    Back biting is an act which is Haram in Islam which is also a sinful act and is not allowed in Islam. Back biting may be defined as speaking of anything bad in absence of a person. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Prevention is Better Than Cure ( 1818 reads)   

    Well the news is sad to hear that most of the people don't even consult a doctor for their minor or major injuries it shows their pessimistic attitude and laziness. - Category: Health
  • Psychology of Children ( 3116 reads)   

    Psychology may be defined as a science which deals about the human behavior or aspects of human life. The spelling is also somewhat typical which sounds different while writing and also at speaking - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Intoxicants Spoils Your Life ( 3113 reads)   

    Now a days many people are addicted with many intoxicating things such as wine, liquor, tobacco, cigarettes, brown sugar, snack, drugs and so on they have a misconception that by consuming the so called materials would relax their tired mind and body - Category: Men
  • Failure Does Not Mean You Have Failed ( 2259 reads)   

    Failure does not mean that you have failed it does means that you have a fresh start. A new bright sunshine is waiting behind the horizon to welcome you the next morning so wake up early and get into action again - Category: Education
  • Mercy and Blessings of God ( 2133 reads)   

    If all the trees of the world are made into pen and if all the waters of oceans as ink than also could not write about the Mercy and Blessings of Almighty God. God's love and mercy is more vast than four oceans - Category: Religion
  • Corruption a Social Disease ( 4452 reads)   

    Corruption the word itself symbolizes that anything that is done by fraud foul means to satisfy our greed for time being. It has various forms and names in order to hide from its identities of the word corruption - Category: Issues
  • Islamic Art and Culture ( 2845 reads)   

    Every country in this world has some or the other Islamic art exposed or hidden in it. A bright vision is needed by the people and historian to expose it and see the depth of Islamic legacy. - Category: Religion
  • Mobile a Boon For Us ( 6258 reads)   

    We are living in modern scientific world and daily we come across innumerable things in and around the world about various inventions by human beings by the grace and blessings of Almighty God. - Category: Entertainment
  • Hopes - An Instrument to Play ( 3580 reads)   

    HOPES a word by which many people either build or spoil their life or carrier. If we take the literal meaning of hope than we may conclude that something what is possible within our limit or thing that is usually likely to happen It is this word that we often find people playing sentimental puppets with others. - Category: Issues
  • Human Rights and Islam ( 3261 reads)   

    The human charter for Human Rights was framed some 60 years ago but Islam teaches and preaches about Human Rights some 1400 plus years ago. Prophet Mohammad (PBHU) is the best of best example of it who implemented and showed us the basic principles of every human rights irrespective of caste or creeds. - Category: Issues
  • Pollution Needs Solution ( 3986 reads)   

    The word pollution may be defined as anything which goes against the ecological balance or spoils our environment by any means can be termed as pollution - Category: Nature
  • How to Pass English Exam Paper ? ( 4935 reads)   

    The word English itself has many fear and frustrations in the mind of the pupil. For no reason the pupils fear of it. Every language has its own charms and history hidden in it. - Category: Education
  • Islamic Art of Living ( 3463 reads)   

    Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings upon him) is the best of best example of it. He taught us basic lessons starting from Baitullha to baitulkhala compromising of minor to major activities of our day to day life - Category: Religion
  • Heart Touching Duwa ( 3681 reads)   

    Ya Allah show our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings upon Him) in dreams Ya Allah make all Muslims true and honest like Abu Bakr Siddique ( R.A) Ya Allah make our Judiciary to give Judgement like like Omar Faroque (R.A) Ya Allah make our heart kind and generous like Usman Gani (R.A) Ya Allah give us Islamic strength and faith like Hazrat Ali (R.A) - Category: Religion
  • A Message to Youth of World ( 2679 reads)   

    An age where one begins to fill that we are rather highly qualitative and experienced person whereby we begin to over act at some situation. Sometimes our actions are dominated in such a way that we try to attract the attentions of others for no reason - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Mozart of Madras ( 2404 reads)   

    A.R. Rahaman converted to Islam from Hinduism along with his family in 1989 and that was the turning point of his life which changed his life completely he began to feel change in his life work and devotion. - Category: Entertainment
  • Do Offer Your Solat Before People Offer Your Solat ( 2725 reads)   

    Solat it is a type of offering Prayer to Almighty God Allah who is the Creator of this universe and human beings. It is since ages that the traditions of offering Solat is carried on and its glory is and would be maintained by the generations to come. - Category: Religion
  • Right to Education ( 3289 reads)   

    Right to Education act gives a scope to a child to have a right to gain education to upgrade his status and to be a learned person like the others. Right the word itself symbolizes that a person who have certain facilities where he or she can use it for his better purpose - Category: Education
  • The Concept of True God ( 2664 reads)   

    People around the world may be having many questions in their minds regarding the existence of God. Holy Quran also provides the definition of Almighty God. - Category: Religion
  • Is Your Love True ? ( 1953 reads)   

    LOVE! the most beautiful word which is used in the whole universe. Love varies in terms of relationship either with humans, animals, plants may be it livings or non-livings - Category: Religion
  • Humans For Humanity ( 2718 reads)   

    Almighty God created humans for the cause of humanity. But the present scenario is exactly opposite of it rather it would not be wrong that we humans has almost forgotten the basic lessons of humanity. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Why to Fear for Examination ? ( 2772 reads)   

    Examination the word itself symbolizes to undergo an specific test of any type may be it in school, college, job or what so ever. Fear creates hazards in our advance preparation. - Category: Education
  • Quran's Appreciation Lies in Reading and Understanding ( 2365 reads)   

    The incident in East Lansing, Michigan America of defaming Quran has been shameful act to depict their own publicity in the name of religion - Category: Religion
  • Islam For All ( 2568 reads)   

    The word islam means complete surrender to the will of Almighty God that is Allah - Category: Religion
  • Population Explosion ( 2749 reads)   

    On growing population is a blot on society it hinders our progress and blocks all the developement projects - Category: Issues
  • Atrocities Against Minorities ( 2067 reads)   

    It is very sad to say that India the land of multilingual custom, tradition, food, attire and many more things has lost its charm - Category: Issues
  • Lets See and Watch ( 2301 reads)   

    The atmosphere all over India be it a state or the Union territory is evenly charged with elections for the Lok Sabha - Category: Politics
  • A Match Between Sania and Shoaib ( 2162 reads)   

    Sania and Shoaib both are international players. Recently both Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are highlighted by media becuase of their marriage. The couple wants to marry each other in mid April. - Category: Issues
  • Heaven Lies Under the Feet of Mother ( 10937 reads)   

    Mother the lovable word itself symbolizes a human being with soft heart, hard worker, honest, careful and many more qualities present in her. - Category: Relationships
  • Unemployment a Blot on Society ( 2509 reads)   

    There are many factors responsible for the on going employment in the society. If we take the literal meaning of unemployment it would be as a well qualified person who remains jobless would be termed as a unemployed person. - Category: Issues
  • Home Sweet Home For Emraan ( 2231 reads)   

    Home is the basic necessity of human beings. Recently the Pali Hill area refused to confess a house to Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi there were allegations that the actor is a serial kisser which would have an impact on the children residing in that posh colony. - Category: Others
  • Allowed to Keep Term (A.T.K.T) ( 7847 reads)   

    Congrats to Maharashtra Government for taking decision for A.T.K.T (Allowed To Keep Term). The main reason is that failure student's academic year would not be lost and would be liable and considered mere just as the passed student if he clears the given subjects in the stipulated span. - Category: Education
  • Madarsa on Verge of Board ( 3087 reads)   

    Madarsa is on a verge of board. Human Resourse Minister Mr.Kapil Sibal has an intention of setting up of a Central Madrasa Board to bring all the Islamic religious institutions under centralize rule. - Category: Religion
  • Positive Attitude is Key to Success ( 4251 reads)   

    Positive attitude is a must to be a successful person in life. Life is full of ups and downs many joys and sorrows encircle us in our day to day life. Sorrows and joys comes and goes but human beings stand then and there. - Category: Issues
  • United we Stand, Divided we Fall ( 3346 reads)   

    Be Indian By Indian United we stand divided we fall. The feeling of oneness, co-operation, togetherness and many more things are vanishing away. Well we can't blame anyone for this situation rather we ourselves are to be blamed for these happenings. - Category: Relationships
  • Education is Must ( 2492 reads)   

    Eduction gained cannot be stolen - Category: Education
  • Eid-Ul-Azha is the Greatest Festival of Muslim ( 2584 reads)   

    It is the Sunnat or Prophet Ebrahim to do Sacrifice. Eid-Ul-Azha is the greatest festival of muslim celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated annually and falls on the 10th day of Dhul Haj of the lunar Islamic calendar. - Category: Religion
  • Australian's Attacks on Indians ( 2057 reads)   

    All are human beings and all have tendency to reside in any part of the world. The recent attacks by the Australian people on the Indian counterparts has raised many doubts and suspicious queries in the mind of the people. - Category: Issues
  • Ramzaan the King of Islamic Month ( 2368 reads)   

    Ramzaan is the king of Islamic month we get double benefits of each deeds. With the sighting of the moon in the sky along with the twinkling of stars would mark the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadam and every Muslim around the globe would be thankful to Almighty God Allah Rabbul Izzat for giving us a chance to be a part of this jubilation. - Category: Others
  • Price Rise Gives Poverty Rise ( 2580 reads)   

    Hike in price rise would lead to slums, poverty and unemployment. The recent hike of prices in market has broken the backbone of poor people. The prices has almost touched the highest level for the common man to suffer. - Category: Issues

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