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About Me: "Islam Is Spread By Sweet Words And Not By sharp swords" There Is No God, but only Allah and Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) Is His Messenger

Articles by Liyakat Shah:
  • Changes in Indian Politics | Aam Aadmi Party ( 4295 reads)   

    It is the beautiful Constitution of India that gives an opportunity to even a comman man to dream and knock the doors of Indian Parliament and not any money or corrupt politics - Category: Politics
  • God's Justice and Mercy ( 2768 reads)   

    Whatever Allah does He does good and better for us. Many of His work are not understood by us. Many a times we blame and curse our failure in work but in the end we recognize it was much better for us. Than we repent and Thank Allah. Here is a heart touching story about how Allah is the best planner - Category: Relationships
  • Love and Care Your Daughter ( 3428 reads)   

    Remember once she gets married and settles away to an unknown destination. Remember at our bad times it is girls who remembers and cares us. She loves and cares not only her in laws but also her own parents. She has to adjust to new house, new parents and new people and new society and new place - Category: Women
  • Always Do Good Deeds ( 3987 reads)   

    Well life is meant for doing good deeds and one should lead it on the same path. Remember doing any good deeds does not require any extra ordinary work to be done or any investment for doing it mere it is just done as we do our work. Many a times we get a lot of opportunity of doing any good deeds but we neither neglect it and nor do we grab the opportunity of either instructing or doing it. Our guidance or suggestions can make someone's life so why not do good deeds as it has many rewards for us and it builds in co-ordinal relations among the people. It gives confidence to the people as they do not begin to feel lonely and thinks that there is someone who cares and looks after them. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be Like Bridges That Connects All ( 3822 reads)   

    Some bridges are built in terrain desert, some are in snow clad regions, some are in river, seas and oceans, some are on mountains, and some are on flat land. Some are very difficult to build but still human mind had surpassed all hazards and still dare to stand them. Off course if Allah wishes a thing to stand than only it can stand and He does not want a thing to happen than nothing is possible - Category: Nature
  • Try This Simple Experiment ( 2633 reads)   

    Life has been a misery for someone and prosperous and happier for someone. We cannot blame our luck or fate for that. If we are unlucky at every step than should sort out time to find out mistakes and those faults that create hurdles in our work, however one thing is to be noted that if God has not written success in our life than no one in this world has the right to change His decision - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be First to Apologize ( 2941 reads)   

    Many a times in life we come across many instances that in spite of being on the side of truth we need to look down, the reason for that is that the opponent do not accept defeat or do not want to look down. In order to live a happy life we need to lead it on track of adjustment By doing such an act one would not become small or would decrease or defame his status or respect - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Cylinder Goes Political ( 3662 reads)   

    In India there are seventy percent of people who live a life below poverty line who feed their family by working daily on casual basis. Who have no basic amenities of satisfying their basic needs? Many a times they sleep without food and water. Living a life in such circumstances is very difficult. But with firm trust, faith and confidence in Almighty God they dare to cross all hurdles in life and live a life hoping and thinking for a better future next time - Category: Issues
  • Severe Blast in Gas Cylinders ( 3516 reads)   

    People around the world are closely associated with LPG cylinders and it is the part and parcel of our domestic live. Our well furnished and decorated kitchen would be incomplete in absence of Gas cylinders. Our whole cooking procedure is totally dependent on Gas cylinders - Category: Issues
  • Appreciation and Criticism in Life ( 3114 reads)   

    If we take criticism in another way that is a measure of improvement by welcoming criticism as a means of correcting our self than we would improve and learn a lot to become a good person, but to have such nature requires a big heart and bold mind set to remain neutral at both times - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Never Be Arrogant in Life ( 3459 reads)   

    Arrogant people are not friendly natured people. They do not have sober nature. They have their own identity. They always use their intelligence to criticize or finding faults in others. They do not like people to underestimate them - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Trees Are Our Best Friend ( 4614 reads)   

    Well do you that it takes few minutes to chop or cut a tree and years and years to grow. The growth of plants is slow. Hence one should think a lot before cutting a tree. A man does not only cut a tree but cuts off all ecological system. One tree that is cut for personal use stops all free of cost service to the people and environment, so think a lot before you pick up a sharp axe or a saw - Category: Relationships
  • Suicide is Haram (Forbidden) ( 3890 reads)   

    Life is a combination of joy and sorrow one has to live in both circumstances. Almighty God has kept a balance in life by giving two sides of life just as a coin. Every living being is associated with it be tolerant with it in all conditions In India there are two major reasons for committing suicide. The first and foremost is failure in love and another is frustration due to work - Category: Issues
  • Life just goes on on and on ( 3941 reads)   

    Life is not meant for running after money or hoarding it so that it may help us at difficult times. If one has such thinking than one should see the stray animals and street beggars who do not have a sense of investing anything for future plans. But still they live a happy and tension free life it is just because Allah takes take of them and feeds them as long as they are alive - Category: Careers
  • Simple Way of Achieving Fame ( 2652 reads)   

    In today's world it has become more simple and easy for gaining any publicity or popularity. For getting name and fame one does not require hard work to done. It's very simple and one does not have to join any school or colleges for doing it. Well few people in this world have such ill mentality and they gain popularity in just few days. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be Bold and Courageous in Life ( 2726 reads)   

    Courageous people are always successful in life. In spite of many odd like situations they adjust with the surroundings. They sacrifice their comfort and luxury for time being and look forward for their bright future. They know the definition that every hard work has a sweet fruits. But for such bright future they need to sail in a boat of patience and tolerance - Category: Education
  • Make English More Easy and Simple ( 2703 reads)   

    We are living in modern world and everywhere we go we come across English language. But very sad to say that our students do not feel comfortable with English especially our non-English medium students, there are many reasons for that the first and foremost is that they have fear for English subject - Category: Education
  • The Greatest Human on Universe ( 3824 reads)   

    In present world there are some mad people who utilize their brain to do some inhuman work to attract the attention of the audience and world around them. So they use such measures of defaming any religion or any people. By this they tend to show the things which are not in reality. Their sole intention remains on publicity and popularity. By doing such ill things they know the protest and agitation would make them as well as their work famous and would get a place for breakfast for the media - Category: Issues
  • Pollution and its ill effects ( 2889 reads)   

    Pollution word is very much familiar to us it simply means that all harmful changes that occur in our environment due to human activities is called as pollution. And very sad to say that human plays a key role in this pollution. It would be not wrong if we say that human are totally responsible for this pollution around the world - Category: Education
  • Load Shedding a Serious Problem - Power Cuts in India ( 4174 reads)   

    In India in many states we have a shortage of power cuts in the form of load shedding. There is a daily power cut for seven to eight hours in cities and towns and ten to eleven hours in remote villages. The reason for that is that there is a shortage of natural resources such as coal and water in order to produce necessary electricity for the people to use - Category: Issues
  • Living Relationship Ends With Breakup ( 2511 reads)   

    Living relationship means both male and female live together without performing ties of marriage and this type of tradition is very much common in western countries especially America. They say that it is an ideology to be familiar with the person with whom we prefer to marry. But very sad to say that maximum of such living relationship ended up with breakup and failure - Category: Issues
  • Mother a Unique Person in Universe ( 4199 reads)   

    Mother is the most respected person in the world. We can purchase anything in this world but we cannot purchase a real mother in this world. She never discriminate any child just as the birds care their chicks. A mother may have various kids some may be male or female and some may be physical fit some may be dependent on her throughout her life. Some are beautiful some are ugly. But all the kids irrespective of colour are given the same treatment - Category: Women
  • Blind People With Bright Vision ( 2975 reads)   

    Well it may sound a little bit awkward that how come possible blind people have a bright vision. Well the answer to this question is that in spite of blindness some people do not consider themselves as blind and work harder and elegantly as compared to we people. We can see the glimpse of the above picture if cosmos and metros cities in India - Category: Management
  • Every Child is a Genius ( 2732 reads)   

    Today we are living in modern scientific world and one has to upgrade and update himself from time to time. Things which have been invented few years ago have become out dated and old and every sector has undergone specific changes. If we do not update our self than we would be lost in this complex world, hence we ought to think for that. - Category: Relationships
  • Never Give Up in Life ( 3342 reads)   

    Life is a combination of success and failure. Some people get success at a very first step and some struggle throughout their life to taste a bit of success. But many a times with failure in life people give up and do no tend to dream or think of starting or experimenting new ways in life - Category: Issues
  • Where I Am Standing? ( 4775 reads)   

    Every person is very much associated with a famous word called ZAMEER which means inner voice of heart which always speak the truth and never fall prey to any mal practice. Our whole body may go other way to favour us and think better for time being but our ZAMEER may go other way. It is bestowed with special qualities to speak the truth without bothering for any consequences or situation - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Post and Power ( 2763 reads)   

    Post may be defined as a thing that we deserve it according to our caliber experience and ability. If a proper candidate is filled with proper selection with a good intention than people society and nation would benefit a lot from it. And if any penetration of malpractice come into it than it can ruin whole procedure as well as may spoil all people who come in contact with it - Category: Issues
  • Life For Doing Good Deeds ( 3899 reads)   

    Even animals and plants have the same procedure of death and reproduction. A new species is born and ends according to the cycle prescribed by God. Real fear of death may keep us on the right track that is we may think and act of doing good deeds - Category: Issues
  • Prepare For Another World ( 2778 reads)   

    There are many people in this world who hoard money in the form of investment and owned a huge sum of bank balance. So that such investments would aid them at their odd times or at time of deterioration, but we all know that life is for short span of time. Only trust and firm belief on Allah Rabbul Izzat would make us successful in both the worlds. - Category: Relationships
  • Let's Try to Change the Ideology of Life ( 3804 reads)   

    Life is meaningless if we live just for our sake, but it would get its proper meaning when we live for others. It does not mean that they are dependent on us. But it is our moral responsibility on grounds of humanism. For experimenting such things we do not have to plan or call or consult any instrumental person. But it's a free of cost service that comes from heart - Category: Self-Improvement
  • How to Brighten Our (Imaan) Faith ( 2515 reads)   

    Allah Rabbul Izzat has given us a short span of life and this short life should be lead in such a way that would result in getting good deeds to be blessed by deeds of Heavens. In order to have true Imaan we should follow some advice so that we can brighten our Imaan. May Allah Subhano Watala give us Hidayat to inculcate such values in our life from today onwards. - Category: Religion
  • Eid Celebrations ( 2681 reads)   

    Allah Tabaraq Watala has given us festival of Eid as a reward to Muslim. However we people do not celebrate it in the way it is to be celebrated and very often do such things and perform such odd things that are not permitted in Islam. It does not mean that Islam does not like any jubilation or celebration. But on the contrary it does say to celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm involving all people irrespective of caste creed or race. No discrimination on grounds on humanity - Category: Religion
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr a Festival of Joy ( 3583 reads)   

    Eid Ul Fitr is a day of joy and blessings for Muslims around the world. It is the time to get a great reward from Almighty Allah Rabbul Izzat. It marks the end of Holy month of Ramadan and end of one month fast. Muslim around the world thanks Allah SubhanoWatala for giving them strength to observe fast and do various Ibadat of Allah - Category: Religion
  • Allah is Greatest of Great ( 3263 reads)   

    Allah is most Merciful and generous towards we humans. He loves and cares more than our parents. His love is seventy times more than a mother loves his child. His blessings and mercy is very vast beyond the reach of human prediction. He cares loves even those people who believe or do not believe in Him. His mercy is endless and immense. He has no partners or attributes. He is One and Only One in this Universe. No one is like Him - Category: Religion
  • Burma Has to Answer For Human Carnage ( 3921 reads)   

    The recent ongoing innocent killing by Burmese tribes is shame on society and nation and at time to come Burma has to answer for that. The way minority communities are being targeted and slaughtered like animals is horrible to see and hear that too in the holy month of Ramadan. Remember no religion in the world permits violence in any form either physical or mental - Category: Issues
  • Every Problem Has a Solution ( 3196 reads)   

    In today's world we find that humans get frustrated and distracted very soon they tend to lose their patients and commit horrible undesirable actions against themselves Life is a combination of ups and downs. It does not mean that a wealthy and healthy person does not have or face with any problems. Off course they do have like all. Every person in this world has to undergo a process of several hardships than only can attain the goal - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Solat is Must and Cannot Be Left Out ( 2668 reads)   

    Solat means a Prayer which is must for every Muslim and one cannot argue with that. Its form may change according to the conditions either if not feeling well or a person is on a journey and so on. But during this instance it can be shorten but cannot be left over. It's an obligatory phenomena and one has to offer it whole heartedly - Category: Religion
  • Give the Rights of All Those Who Has a Right on You ( 2451 reads)   

    Alhamdulliha Islam says to obey rights of everyone. There are rights for many things and it is the responsibility of we people to follow them which would lead us to the gates of Heaven. It is also a Sunnat of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) - Category: Relationships
  • Explanation of Surah No 95 of Quran AT-TIN (The Fig) ( 4352 reads)   

    This Surah appeals to the most sacred four symbols to show that Allah created man in the best of the moulds, but the man is capable of utmost degradation unless he has Faith and leads a Righteous life since the Final Judgement is sure to come. - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 96 of Quran IQRA Or AL-ALAQ (The Clot) ( 3530 reads)   

    This Surah from Verses 1-5 were the First direct Revelation to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) there was an interval, may be few months or may be a year. Soon after the rest of the verses from 6-19 revealed in which Allah gave Him the Command to preach Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was unlettered but His mind was full of spiritual knowledge, so He was chosen by his Lord as His Messenger to convey the Message of Truth to the Meccan Pagans, That time his age was forty and his wife Lady Khadija was fifteen years senior to him - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 97 of Quran AL-QADR (The Night of Honours) ( 2590 reads)   

    Narrated Aisha, the wife of Prophet (PBUH) that Allah's Messenger (PBUH), 'search for the Night of Qadar in the odd Nights of ten Nights of Ramadan may be 21st, 23rd, or 27th Night of Ramadan The exact night is not mentioned, may be for the reason that the believers won't confined themselves to only one particular Night for worship and good deeds but they should continue on other nights as well to collect and build their most Rewards in the Hereafter - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 98 of Quran AL- BAIYINAH (The Clear Evidence) ( 2385 reads)   

    Allah says that whoever from the People of Book and from the polytheist repents and come to the righteous will believe and worship One True God and obeys Him and His Last Messenger (PBUH) sent by Him and will do plenty of good deeds will be rewarded with the promised Gardens of Paradise. Allah well pleased with him he well pleased with his Lord - Category: Religion
  • Choose Good Friends ( 4386 reads)   

    Islam also insists to choose a good company of friend. A good friend should be religious minded to have fear of Almighty Allah to be filled with qualities of generosity, politeness and humble nature. A bad company may destroy our life and home. A good friend should have a Emaan on Allah Rabbul Izzat and should follow the Sunnat of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings upon Him) - Category: Relationships
  • Discipline in Islam ( 6156 reads)   

    Islam is such religion that teaches discipline for all round development. The offering of prayer that is Solat is the best example of discipline. People have to gather in a place called Mosque for offering the Prayer at a specific time depending upon geographical conditions. All people are lined horizontally irrespective of caste, creed, color and race under the leadership of an Imaam symbolizes discipline - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Show Real Picture of Islam ( 2660 reads)   

    Feel free and turn the pages of true history to find about Muslims freedom fighters who laid down their life as martyrs for the sake of their motherland. Even history has forgotten such people in history book. But true history cannot be denied or wiped out - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Duwa of Fasting is Never Rejected ( 3328 reads)   

    The du'a of a fasting person is never refused. The final hour before the setting of the sun is one of the greatest hours of the day. Therefore submit before Allah (SWT) all your needs and please remember the whole Muslim Ummah in your dua as we Muslims are in several trails in the world - Category: Religion
  • Existence of God ( 3506 reads)   

    Prophet Jesus (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) was born without father and bestowed with many miracles Allah sent Jesus (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) who is the son of Mary (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent down with clear miracles for the people of his time who spoke from the cradle while still a new born infant, created birds from clay, curing the sick, giving sight to the blind and even bringing a dead man back to life, were all clear signs to the people to know Jesus (peace be upon him) was a messenger of Allah. Whole universe is created by Him. - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 99 of Quran AL-ZILZAL (The Convulsion) ( 3886 reads)   

    This is also one of the earliest Meccan Surah. Its topic is another life after death when all their tinniest of the tiny good evil done in their probation life of this world will be brought forth in front of their Lord and their Books of Record will be opened. Then they will be surprised to see that nothing is left out. It also refers to the convulsion and uprooting which will take place when the present order of the world will be dissolved and the New world of Justice and Truth will be established - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 114 of Quran AN-NAS (The Mankind) ( 3946 reads)   

    This is an Early Meccan Surah. The Second of the two Suras crying for refuge and protection In this Surah the protection is sought especially from the evil in a man's own heart and in the hearts of other men - Category: Religion
  • Life Has Joy and Sorrow ( 3731 reads)   

    Fortune and luck is also another factor and has its effects on our life because one cannot get less or more than their expectations which is written in his or her fortune no one can add or minus our belongings without the will of God - Category: Self-Improvement

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