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  • Nocturia: Is this a Disorder or an Aging Issue? How to Cope Up?    By: Juri Sharma

    Disturbed sleep at night time can be immense frustrating. If this problem is due to frequently being awake for urinating is even more annoying. This frequent urination at night is due to a sleep disorder which in medical terminology is known as Nocturia. This is a very common sleep disorder. Though it can be found in any age group but is usually more common with aging. When we start aging, our body produces less of an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) that helps us to retain fluid. As this hormone becomes less in our body, we produce more urine at night. Another reason is that, as we age further, the bladder also tends to lose holding capacity hence the problem of more frequent urination. >> Category: Health
  • Fast Weight Loss Will Be Determined by Your Mindset    By: rita johnston

    Being persuaded to buy every new, fast weight loss product that is advertised by the health and fitness industry leaves you susceptible to this type of thinking, 'getting in shape' mindset. We need to stop comparing ourselves to those lean and appealing, cream of the crop, guys or gals in those fast weight loss advertising ads. Each person has a unique body. >> Category: Health
  • Spine Surgery of Miss Adeola's Mother in India    By: Tarandeep Singh Makan

    Spine Surgery of Miss Adeola's Mother in India. Medsurge Healthcare Group has partnered with the leading hospitals in India to enable our overseas clients to have the opportunity to access world class quality medical treatments at very affordable prices. >> Category: Health
  • Home Remedies For Cold    By: ericW williams

    common cold is one of those annoying acute disease that keeps occurring numerous times within a span of one year. People have low immunity are more prone to this disease than those who are healthy. >> Category: Health
  • Prevent Schizophrenia, Stay Healthy    By: Ethan Wilson

    How to buy prescription Abilify drug for treating Schizophrenia. It is estimated that Schizophrenia disease has affected more than 1.3 million people in the USA. It is a mental illness where an individual experiences hallucinations that have adverse effect on the state of mind. An individual suffering from Schizophrenia cannot find jobs, do not have friends and cannot engage into any kind of relationship or make social interactions. >> Category: Health
  • Frequently Used Orthopedic Medical Supplies    By: Neal Decosta

    Orthopedic refers to the medical specialization towards the musculoskeletal system of the body. This system consists of bones, muscles, nerves, joints, tendons, and ligaments. >> Category: Health
  • Vitamin B6 - Getting Enough of the Vitamin Naturally in Your Diet    By: Belix Tasa

    Vitamin B-6 is definitely the key vitamin in the digesting of amino acids - the basis of just about all proteins and certain human hormones. >> Category: Health
  • Have a Healthy Face For Life    By: Ethel Cross

    I'm sure that you have heard somebody say that beauty is only skin deep. Although your personality and what is on the inside may certainly have some bearing on how others view you, don't overlook the fact that it is the outside which makes a first impression. That is why it is very important for you to make sure that you are taking care of your skin, as it typically gives the first signs of proble >> Category: Health
  • Itraconazole and its Drug Interactions    By: sadaf mumtaz

    Itraconazole belongs to the class Azoles and is an effective antifungal agent. Its pharmacologic properties include varied absorption due to the presence of food and low gastric pH; poor water solubility, an inhibitor of cytochrome450 system, decreased bioavailability, poor CNS penetration, and eliminated mainly through liver. Resistance developed with long-term use of Itraconazole. It is relatively non-toxic and cause only minor GI upset. It is available as capsule, oral solution and I.V. No effect on testosterone and glucocorticoid synthesis. Dose is 100-400mg/day. >> Category: Health
  • The Importance of Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment in Modern Medicine    By: Keith Kirk

    A look at the use of ultrasound in modern medicine and uncommon uses for the tool. Ultrasound uses cyclic sound with a frequency to look inside of individuals. Typically, it is most seen during pregnancy as an imaging device for the baby, is and continues to be commonly used for that purpose. >> Category: Health
  • Las Vegas Lasik: The Solution to All Vision Related Problems    By: John M. Smith

    Lasik as in 'laser in situ keratimileusis' is an optical treatment that enables correction from intense myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. It is a complicated procedure which needs some advanced skills and qualifications. Las Vegas Lasik surgical treatment is one of the best in the world. >> Category: Health
  • Very good Food Sources of Vitamin D    By: Belix Tasa

    Among the most generally attainable sources of vitamin D is definitely sunshine. Once sunlight come to the skin, creation of vitamin D will begin within the body system. >> Category: Health
  • The Diet Solution Reviews - Is the Perfect Fat Reducing Plan?    By: Morin Nichol

    Diet Solution method is the opposite of the actual current knowledge and also promoters a wholesome consuming system that permits you to eat a lot connected with delectable, naturally healthy foodstuff that may help you get to and the best preferred excess weight.The diet solution System Con or even fat reduction treatment? Come across in the event that Isabel Nufactured Los Rios Diet solution works on thi >> Category: Health
  • How to Beat the Heat ?    By: tanu kapoor

    Summer is the most exotic weather all over the world.Here are some tips to save yourself from being a victim of summer. >> Category: Health
  • Epidemic Diseases    By: Liyakat Shah

    Pathogens spread through contaminated water, food, air, or objects used by the patient. So, untreated contaminated water, impure polluted air etc. can cause the spread of epidemics >> Category: Health
  • Infection Flea Bites on Humans    By: Senna Altona

    If you feel that where you live is perhaps swarmed by most of these unpleasant scary crawlies, it may be worth every penny to discover more on cures for the removal of bedbugs. To start with, you need to have one simple understanding relating to their own camouflaging areas. >> Category: Health
  • What is Potassium?    By: Senna Altona

    Potassium is certainly a organic and natural mineral that assists individuals definitely feel and stay healthy day-to-day. Although almost all of the potassium within our body is inside the cells, really small volume, around 2 - 3 % of the complete potassium material found in the entire body, of this mineral is located out of the body cells. >> Category: Health
  • Attention Deficit Disorder | Vitamin B12 Patch    By: Senna Altona

    Vitamin B12 is known as a water soluble vitamin that's seen in animal meat, fish as well as milk products and also attributes significantly for the production of red blood cells whilst supporting to help maintain a wholesome neurological system. >> Category: Health
  • Maximum Milk Thistle and its Benefits    By: Senna Altona

    One of the most famous nutritional supplements for body builders right now is muscle milk protein. It may be applied for creating muscle mass and shedding weight although only with a proper workout. >> Category: Health
  • Stomach Cancer - Symptoms and Survival Rates    By: Hayley Wood

    The basic knowledge of Stomach Cancer - how you get it, how's at risk, the symptoms, the survival rates.. etc. >> Category: Health
  • Don't Get Sidelined With a Knee Injury - How to Prevent an ACL Tear    By: Valerie Battle

    If you are an active individual, one of the things that you will certainly want to avoid is any type of injury. Injuries not only can sideline you with pain, they can take you out of the game in many cases for quite some time. >> Category: Health
  • Learn More About Vitamin B12 Deficiency    By: Holdon Elinna

    Vitamin B12 is actually a water soluble vitamin that is contained in meats, fish as well as dairy food as well as adds drastically on the production of red blood cells when supporting to help maintain a normal neurological system. >> Category: Health
  • Probiotics - What Are Acidophilus and Other Probiotics    By: Holdon Elinna

    Newly released study reveal that the effective use of acidophilus bacteria has provided astounding positive effects in addressing urinary bacterial infections and yeast infections in ladies. Acidophilus bacteria can be defined as an integral bacteria element that is powerful in addressing infections especially Candida. >> Category: Health
  • Traumatic Brain Injury in Auto Accidents - Garrett Law Group    By: Walter Rigel

    Getting involved in an auto collision is harrowing enough. If you are the victim from such an incident, you or your family really should pay a visit to and even retain a personal injury attorney. >> Category: Health
  • Causes of Low Vitamin D Levels    By: Holdon Elinna

    Lower vitamin D values or deficiency appears in men and women of almost all generations together with infants and even seniors. There are many causes that may lead to this condition. >> Category: Health
  • Don't Overdose Yourselves With Fat-soluble Vitamins    By: Kardashian Kimi

    Vitamins are important nutritional ingredients your whole body requires in smaller concentrations for a number of jobs inside the overall body. Vitamins are generally separated into 2 types: water soluble (B-complex along with C) and additionally fat-soluble >> Category: Health
  • What Foods to Avoid With Lactose Intolerance    By: Kardashian Kimi

    Lactose intolerance just happens to be identified as Lactase Insufficiency, is normally triggered whenever your system is helpless to normally break down or perhaps process a kind of carbohydrate named lactose that's typically obtained in dairy along with dairy foods. >> Category: Health
  • Vitamin C Overdose-deficiency Symptoms, Benefits, Side Effects    By: Kardashian Kimi

    Typically the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C was previously 60 milligrams and it has presently increased as much as 90 mg. RDAs are usually specified at values which have been adequate to avoid apparent deficit signs in 95% of the inhabitants. >> Category: Health
  • Early Signs of HIV    By: Kardashian Kimi

    Actually, earlier than AIDS infection occurs in any person, you can find a stretch of time, the Human immunodeficiency virus lays inactive in your system and thus even an afflicted body's helpless to fully grasp if she or he is having this unique virus. >> Category: Health
  • Gallbladder Gallstones Diet, Pain, Causes, Symptoms    By: Kardashian Kimi

    Health problems with gall bladder could be attributed to a number of elements. For example health conditions such as thyrois issues, liver complications and diabetic issues, fatty eating plan, diet program lower in fibre, excessive weight, too much oestrogen, being exposed to toxins in the environment, genetics, and many more. >> Category: Health
  • Hospital on Wheels Now in Hojai Sub Division    By: maruf alom

    Mobile Medical Unit launched in Hojai sub division under NRHM on 22nd April 2012. National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Assam sanctioned one mobile medical unit (MMU) exclusively for Hojai sub division under the administrative control of Jugijan BPHC. >> Category: Health
  • What is Meningitis? - Meningitis Overview    By: Kardashian Kimi

    If not handled quickly, meningitis is actually a ailment that could be life treatening. To avoid this, discovering the actual meningitis signs are going to be helpful. In this case we discover the numerous indicators of meningitis. >> Category: Health
  • Try My Ideal Body Weight    By: Kardashian Kimi

    One of the most frequent uncertainties acquired inside our e-mail is definitely - exactly how much do i need to weigh with regard to my own height? In this post, we'll describe the most typical ways that this may be determined. >> Category: Health
  • Calculate Calories Needed For Goal Weight    By: Kardashian Kimi

    The calories that are required daily are different from one person to another and to work these details you will would like to know many parts of specifics about your self that will assist you in making the formula. >> Category: Health
  • Facts on Hyperhidrosis (HH) and What You Can Do About It    By: Elsa X

    Profuse sweating is clinically referred to as hyperhidrosis. It is simply a disorder when your body perspires more than needed. Find out what it actually is and what you can do to treat this condition. >> Category: Health
  • Approach Medical Centres For After Hours Doctors and General Practitioner    By: australian doctors

    Medical centre can be greatly helpful to the people so get rid of different health problems through expert treatment by general practitioners Brisbane and occupational physicians. In case of emergency, you can approach after hours doctors. >> Category: Health
  • Dyslexia Can Be Cured by Homoeopathy    By: arun burnwal

    The dyslexia is not a disease but it is a type of individuality, having some gape. And this gape can be cured by selected homoeopathic medicine. >> Category: Health
  • A Healthy Lifestyle - An Ignored Boon!    By: Narayani Karthik

    Some candid tips to adapting a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle in today's world is an unseen or rather an ignored boon. Just pick up a newspaper to read and apart from the regular political updates and some major sneak peaks in gourmet world, business, sports and some highlights of celebrity world, there is an additional section completely devoted to health. >> Category: Health
  • Ayurveda Meaning - Types of Ayurveda    By: Beryl Jane

    Ayurveda is very famous since it offers a complete medicine to improve one's life by providing practical tools, deep insights and a lot more information regarding maintaining life balance; it helps ensure a life without any serious disease, in short it is a complete guide to the health care. >> Category: Health
  • Madness Mixed With Sadness - Bipolar Life    By: natalie bakracevic

    Living in the head of Bipolar person. Let's look at some of the reasons that cause Bipolar other than genetics. According to the US National Co-morbidity Survey, 31% of those who suffer Bipolar also suffer from anxiety disorders. >> Category: Health
  • CME (Continuing Medical Education) on Management of Malnutrition    By: maruf alom

    Combating Malnutrition and Under- 5 Mortality in Nagaon District. One Day CME on Treatment Protocol of Malnutrition for Doctors Organized by: District Health Society, Nagaon Venue: Nagaon Auditorium, Nagaon, Date: 26th March 2012. >> Category: Health
  • Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia and How to Treat it?    By: Carmen Cash

    To learn more about walking pneumonia and the symptoms associated with it, treatments and more, check out our website at >> Category: Health
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals and Clinics    By: Alaya Lewis

    Rehabilitation hospitals and clinics are available in nearly all cities of USA. They are fully devoted to help the patient in getting recovery from illness, injury and disability and make him or her to live normal live. >> Category: Health
  • Is Geopathic Stress the Reason You Do Not Feel Well    By: Patrick Estes

    Effects of microwaves on humans. Conditions leading to Geopathic Stress are perfectly natural phenomena, which by sheer coincidence unite to represent a local serious hazard. Problems from Geopathic Stress. >> Category: Health
  • Live and Feel Younger With Great Health After Ozone Therapy    By: Patrick Estes

    Ozone Therapy is your best choice to clean blocked arteries. Ozone Therapy is a short term solution that provides you long term revitalized health. Within the first week, symptoms will begin to subside and critical need for surgery diminishes. With improved blood flow your vitality returns along with youthful feeling you had years ago. You will regain lost energy and feel younger because blood provides more oxygen to all the vital organs in your body. >> Category: Health
  • Workload is My Pain - A Myth (Part 1)    By: Suresh Srinivasan

    Many of us think tha work load is our pain but that is not really true. The lifestyle we adopt is the main reason for the challenges today. Personal scalability is very much dependent on the habits we cultivate and the awareness about health and preventive attitude. I tried give lot of explanation around the reasons for many issues and the method of overcoming few things without any medicines. >> Category: Health
  • What Are the Different Kinds of Rehabilitation Centers?    By: Alaya Lewis

    There are several types of rehab centers available across the country. The main goal of all the rehab centers is to help patients in overcoming the injury, illness and addiction problem. >> Category: Health
  • Lanyards and Neckties as Vectors of Infection in the Workplace    By: Jasmine Frye

    Pathogenic organisms, including lanyards and neckties, can be found on and in a variety items in a healthcare setting. For that reason, it is imperative that precaustions be taken to diminish the effects of these pathogenic organisms. >> Category: Health
  • Figs Have Many Health Benefits    By: Liyakat Shah

    Prophet Mohammad Peace And Blessings Upon Him said Figs: 'It is a fruit from paradise and a cure for piles'. >> Category: Health
  • What Are the Services Provided by Rehabilitation Centers    By: Alaya Lewis

    Rehabilitation centers provide special treatment to persons having some major medical problem, serious injuries, illness or at times some addiction like drug or alcohol. >> Category: Health

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