Many people do crash dieting for reducing excess weight. If the obese person, who intends to decrease weight, does not eat or eat very less, then there is possibility of losing weight. But there are chances of getting other diseases. This is due to the fact that a healthy body requires essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and so on. So, it is necessary for us to take proper balanced diet to be healthy. Intake of balanced diet accompanied by physical exercise can bring healthy reduction of excess weight.

Daily diet
The overweight people need to do exercise in order to lose excess pounds, by eating nutritional diet along with daily exercise. The daily diet of the obese people, who desire to reduce weight, must consist of 1500 to 1800 calories, which should consist of high fiber, low fat, lean protein and low carbohydrate. The overweight person who wants to shed weight must remember that he/she has to take less quantity of food, follow periodical timings for meals, and eat many times with only 3 meals and probably two snacks per day. Eating 6 times a day is also fine, but the type of food you take must be monitored.

The meal especially should consist of low fat and not very high calories. Dinner must be very light and breakfast must be nutritious. All the time when you take food, it is essential to understand that fiber-rich diet will satisfy the hunger as well as helps in cleaning the intestines and the blood vessels.

Performing workouts is essential, although heavy workouts will not help in reaching the goal. Simple exercises carried out at home accompanied by balanced diet will help in healthy weight loss. Walking is one of the ways by which an overweight person can lose weight. Excess water in the body will be excreted well by walking and the person feels good after a morning or an evening walk. Walking melts away nearly 320 calories for every 40 minutes walking procedure.

Obese people can improve their health by choosing to avoid lift while climbing the floors in their offices and at home. Using more sweetening substances must also be avoided to lose weight. Brisk exercise along with 500 calories reduction from the normal calorie intake can help lose weight in a healthy manner.

Yoga asanas in losing weight
Those who are busy in planning for weight reduction are under the impression that yoga helps only in stretching and not in losing weight. But, yoga asanas has tremendous impact on obese people in losing their weight. It seems to be more effective than the exercises that are done in gym. The fat gets burnt in the body without any excess stress. Yoga asanas are a good option for losing body weight.

It would be sufficient to follow the yoga sessions, three times per day or once every day. The side effects would be less in this case and it would show positive results in shorter time-interval. The excess fat in the body can be easily melted by doing yoga asanas. These yoga exercises take lesser time and they can be done at home with ease after obtaining proper training from a professional trainer.

Yoga breathing techniques are so useful to enhance the metabolism in the body. Some of the yoga exercises are simpler and effective compared to that of aerobic exercises. There are many CDs with audio and video recordings of the classes and training sessions of certain professional trainers that are available in the market. They can be used for better weight loss at home. Yoga asanas make the obese person to lose excess weight, be healthy and look young for many years.

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