Having good sleep is a great blessing . As sleep is considered as one of the most essential factor in our routine life we need to sleep minimum six hours a day as told by researches. disturbed and restless sleep may lead to various health disorders mentally and physically. May be these tips can find a way for you.

Our earth acts as a magnet ,where the magnetic pole stretches from north to south with the positive pole at the north and the negative pole at the south. So researches made by the scientist have come out with the fact that the human body also have magnetic power where the positive is pole at the head and the negative pole is at the foot. The head facing refers to the direction it points when laid down.

As per magnetic properties like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other, so naturally when we sleep with our head pointing towards north , the two positive poles repel each other and there is a struggle between both . So there may be disturbed sleeps with terrible dreams, and also you may lose your will power as most of your energy get exhausted during repulsion between the head and earth as earth's magnetic force is greater. According to Vastu it is no for north. it affects both the blood flow in the body and the vibration flow in mind. so both mental and physical health ill suffer. north bring disease to life you would have poor memory power.

When you sleep head facing towards south than your body is in harmony with earth's magnetic field and so energy flows in the same way from south to north ie head to foot. Due to this mutual attraction, we wake up fit, fresh and vibrant. It lengthens your life and memory.

The day breaks from east and ends up in the west. so the suns magnetic field as well as light enters from the eastern side. when we sleep pointing our head in the direction of sunrise, the body is in harmony with the suns energy rising from the east. so the magnetic force as well as the energy enters through our head and exit through the foot. thus the day begins with higher frequency of knowledge and energy to perform the action with self motivation and strong will power. It brings light to life.

When you sleep with your head facing west, it is against the frequency direction of sun in the space. So it is unpleasant start in the day.

So to have a good sleep choose the best direction . avoid day time sleep, eat light food, have bed time stories , avoid terror and tragedy movies. drink milk and relax your mind before sleep. Have a great day.

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