A bad manager is a person who can be very nasty to you in the office. There are many people who work in offices and are depressed because of their boss who can be very indifferent to the person who is working in the office. A bad manager in your office can not only make you feel depressed because of the various activities that the person does against you in the office, but there are times when the employees who have been going through this for a long time, either break out and have a war of words with the manager or could take it out on themselves. The person who has become really depressed because of the manager could even become suicidal. There are many others who suffer from a nervous breakdown and may even need hospitalization.

There are various methods that you can use if you are an employee who is suffering from the bad manager! Some of the methods that many people use to deal with the situation may lead to a confrontation and these kind of confrontations will cause the person to lose the job. This makes it very important for you to be able to deal with the bad manager in a politically correct method so that the manager does not cause you any problems and at the same time, you also do not lose your job.

The common methods that you can use for this are as follows:

1. Talk to the person:

The simplest method of dealing with the situation is to make sure that you talk to the person and find out why the person is singling you out for the bad treatment. It just might be that the person has a hard corner for you! When you ask directly, many times the person realizes that they have made a impact on your lie and then after that they might stop creating problems for you.

2. Talk to the boss who is over the manager:

If the manage is creating a lot of problems and making life very tough in spite of talking to him, you should try to make sure that you talk to the boss who is over the manager. This will help to clear things, if the manager is berated by the senior person.

3. Try to be nice:

There are times when people who keep giving you a tough time, change by themselves if you repeatedly ignore their bad behavior towards you and give them a great smile and be your normal happy self to them. Though this is tough and there may be times when this plan backfires with the manager taking advantage of your good behavior, makes your life harder in the office.

4. Change the office:

If your company is a big one, then if you do not want to create any confrontation, then you can try to change your department so that you start working in a department where the problems are lesser and in a place where the manager cannot get you again.

These are some of the politically correct methods of dealing with a bad manager.

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