Chalazion is most common in adults than that of children. The occurrence of chalazion in women is more than men. This common condition is more frequent in women between 30 to 50 years of age.

Chalazion is an inflammatory reaction which causes redness and leads to swelling of the eyelid. Chalazion initially is irritates and swollen but within few days the pain reduces leaving behind just a lump in the eyelid for months. The existence of chalazion starts from small i.e. when it develops, an individual can barely see it, but within days it may grow in a size of pea or large enough to interfere with the vision by blocking the cornea.

If an individual is under the thinking that the chalazion appears like a stye then the difference between the two are, Chalazion is painless and does not contain puss. Chalazion or chalazia is very common in fact most commonly affected as compared to acne.

Ways to treat Chalazion:

1. When a lump like thing appears then visiting the doctor at the earliest is the first and foremost suggestion.
2. Application of a warm compress for at least 15 minutes per day helps in treating the condition 50 percent of the times.
3. If the problems of chalazion seem unending or recurrent then the doctor may also recommend an individual to get a steroid treatment or a surgical drainage done.
4. Antibiotics may not help in getting rid of the condition but consumption of it may prevent the person from the development of secondary infection.
5. Pricking or squeezing the chalazion by self may aggravate or spread the infection.
6. There are also eye baths along with heat compress that can help in treating the condition of chalazion
7. Antibiotic creams or eye creams can help in removing the infection or not allowing infection to set further.
8. Foods that can help in treating the problem of chalazion are fish, salmon and tuna that are grilled preferable for a faster relief.
9. Increase in a diet that is rich in Vitamin A is good for treating women suffering from chalazion.
10. If a woman is vegetarian then the veggy options that she can try to cure chalazion are consumption of vitamin B6 that is in the form of peas and beans. Even vitamin B3 i.e. sunflower seeds are good for treating chalazion condition.
11. Salads and fruit juices that are made at home can also be helpful for chalazion suffering patients.
12. Drinking plenty of filtered water i.e. at least six glasses daily may treat chalazion.
13. Regular intake of medication prescribe by the doctor can be helpful in keeping the eye tissues healthy and preventing it from any other problem.
14. Choline, vitamin E and vitamin B are good for the eye tissues and for eyes and brain respectively.
15. A herb eyebright is also widely used to cure eye problems externally and in the form of tea or a liquid tincture to cure the body internally.

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