How big is your "Trunk" getting? Last year my trunk was getting pretty big. But I also noticed that some people were losing their trunks. So I got curious to what was happening with their trunk. Once I discovered that it was something I could do too, I started to let go of the junk in my trunk. Now, some people are trunk people, they really like trunks but sometimes you want to release junk from your trunk. So I thought I would write a blueprint to releasing the junk in your trunk.

First, find someone who has lost the junk in their trunk.

You've Been Junked!

Now this might be difficult because well, most people tend to get stuck in the same circles of friends or family members whose trunks either stay the same or get bigger. Now it is not their fault or yours for that matter. It is not because they are lazy or don't want to let go of their junk. It is because they've been told too many bad stories. Also, the advertisers and makers of junk for our trunks makes it easy to get more junk.

Once you find someone who has release their junk, you need to find out exactly how you can do it.

Make sure it is doable for you. I can't stress this enough. Most of us can't go on The Biggest Junk Loser show and get rid of all our junk in 6 to 12 episodes. (Is it just me or is this show on longer than it needs to be? Really, 2 hours of people sweating their trunks off!) Some people have the time to go to the gym everyday, they can spend hours on the treadmill every week, or go to the grocery store and scour the aisles for the right kind of foods and prepare them correctly. If you can do it and have the commitment to doing those things then great! But lots of people have to work at least one or two jobs, raise families, and are exhausted by the time evening rolls around to do any of that stuff. So you need to find a junk release program that works within that environment.

How to Release the Junk in Your Trunk

Set goals of how much junk you want to release. Now their should be more than one goal. How do you get rid of junk? One pile at a time. I know that sounds stupid, but you are not going release all your junk at once. Their should be your ideal trunk and then smaller goals. Like I'd like to be in a size "_" by week 4. You shouldn't always use a scale to measure your junk release. Find ways to measure that are empowering for you.

Here is a suggestion take your tightest fitting jeans and squeeze your trunk in it. Take a mental note. Then come back to them every week and note your progress again. Keep doing it until you are comfortable in them. If you are ready to move on to a smaller size then buy yourself a really cool smaller size to fit in and repeat the process until you reach your ideal size!

Get Your Junk Release ON!

Once you have settled on a junk release plan and set and ideal goal and some smaller ones, the next part is easy, get started!

Get started on the right track on the first day of your work week. That way your weekend is behind you and can keep your goal in front of you.

Put the past away,put away all your regrets, let them go, release all your self judgement, you've been given a gift of a new week, a new day, a new you. What keeps most people stuck is their comfortably with staying in their junk habits but to keep moving forward you need to give yourself some space in front of you to move.

So the last thing is to stick with it. This is where having a support system in place will really help, it can be a family member, but doesn't have to be. It could be the friend that tells you like it is, not the one that coddles your bad habits. It could be someone you hire to be a coach or counselor. Find someone, because once you start releasing junk in your trunk, you'll find junk in other areas that you want to release because it feels good.

If you want someone who will help point you in the right direction, will tell you like it is, or help getting started you need to do two things right now.Go to the resource box below this article and click on the links.

About Author / Additional Info:
Rob Johnson is a health coach and entrepreneur. You can connect with him on his blog.
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