Rehabilitation in simple words is a long process of getting an individual's personal and professional life back on track which is currently disturbed because of some injury or disease or mental disability or a habit. The rehabilitation counseling mainly focuses on helping these people with difficulties through a scientifically developed counseling process. Rehab Counselor is a professional who guides the patients in the rehab process.

The definition of rehab counselor states that; "Rehabilitation counselor is a person who provides guidance as well as related counseling in case management services and rehab to people with disabilities for assisting them in achieving their personal, professional, social, psychological and vocational goals."

If you want to make a career in rehabilitation, you can opt for a counselor's job. Following are the different rehab programs where different types of counselors are required:

• Physical Therapy Rehab Counselor
• Industrial Rehab Counselor
• Sports Rehab Counselor
• Spine Rehab Counselor
• Hand Therapy Rehab Counselor
• Lymphedema Management Counselor
• Vestibular Rehab Counselor
• Pediatric Rehabilitation Services Counselor
• Long term Rehab Counselor
• Women's health Counselor
• Drug Counselor
• Athletic Training Services Counselor

Though, there are various rehab counselors, all of them follow a basic procedure flow. When the patient suffers the irregularity, he is admitted to the hospital and appropriate medical treatment is started. The rehab counselor approaches the patient along with a psychiatrist. As the patient has been just hit by a malfunction, he is not in a good mental state. His confidence level is also very low. Both these professionals collectively make efforts to raise the patient's confidence. They make him believe that this is not the end of his professional and personal life and a good quality rehab will surely help him improve and return back to his normal life. After he is convinced about the rehab, the rehab counselor reviews the case and case history. Based on the review and factors like the residence of the patient, his financial condition etc. the rehab counselor advises the best suitable rehab center for the patient.

After this, the rehab counselor explains the complete rehab procedure to the patient and his family. He mentions all the requirements with which the family should be prepared. The patients and his family are free to ask any questions about the rehab process. After confirming the admission in the rehab center, Phase 1 of the rehab starts. This is an inpatient rehab. After the phase 1 is over the rehab counselor helps the patient in choosing between the outpatient rehabilitation and residential rehabilitation for the remaining rehab process. The rehab counselor keeps a close eye on the whole rehab process throughout.

From the above discussion it is clear that the rehabilitation counselor plays an important role in the patient recuperation, though he is not involved in the actual rehab process.

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