Stress is a very common problem that is increasing by the day. The number of people who are affected by stress increases because of factors like increased work in decreased time. It is also high because of the tight schedules and deadlines that people are put through. All these factors can cause a person to have increased stress. Work related stress is the major cause of stress in people. There are also many other people who may not have work related stress, but they can have stress that is related to the family ir their financial situation.

There are various physical signs of stress and they are as follows:

1. Headache:

This is the most common result of stress. People get head aches when they are under a lot of pressure at work and this can also progress into migraine at times.

2. Back pain:

Back pain is usually caused by stress. Though there are many conditions that are also the cause for back pain, people who have pain in the back with no other history may have it due to the stress. Stress can cause back pain because in people who are highly stressed, the back is held very stiff and this can cause the muscles to be under high tension. This in turn can cause the back pain.

3. Stomach pain and ulcers:

Stomach pain is another condition that occurs due to stress. All of us would have had butterflies in our stomach when we were stressed or scared. If the stressful situation prolongs for a ling time, then it can cause us to have pain in the stomach. We can also have ulcers in the stomach if the stress prolongs for a time that is longer than a few weeks.

4. Racing heart:

This is another common condition that we feel when we have stress. This can also be related to the increased adrenaline in the body of the person. This adrenaline rush as it is called could also cause the persons heart and pulse to race, which again is a physical sign of stress.

5. Sweaty palms:

Fear and stress can cause almost similar kind of responses from the body and this means that the person can start having sweating to occur in the palm which means that the person is under duress or stress.

6. Restlessness:

A person who is hard pressed for time and has been stressed for a long time will not be able to relax and instead will be very restless. This is another important sign of stress in the person.

7. Sleep problems:

If the stress prolongs for more than a week, then the individual who is affected by stress can have sleep disturbances. The sleep cycle is disturbed and so there can be lack of sleep.

8. Loss of appetite:

This is another physical sign of a person who is stressed. Lack of hunger is commonly seen in many people. This could be because of the fact that they keep thinking of their work or the event that has caused the stress and this could have decreased their hunger drive.

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