I was deep in slumber on a Sunday morning when the mechanical monster (read as Alarm Clock) woke me up. Its persistent ringing was mercilessly cut short by me with a bang on its head. Whack !! take that. I checked the time. It was 05.45 A M. I had promised to go for a walk with my friend at 06.30 A M. It was still dark and the cool breeze coming from the open window mockingly brushed past my body. Like a somnambulist, I teetered all the way to the wash room. Switched on the lights. The blinding fluorescence numbed my brain for a second. I checked my face in the mirror. Groggy eyes, disheveled hair and a snotty nose greeted me. Man ! why should I waste a Sunday like this ? I thought about calling the whole thing off.....but then decided against it. I couldn't fall back on my words.

In 20 minutes I was ready for the endeavour. The sun was lazily getting up in the horizon. I looked at the sky. A perfect collage of colors. It reminded me of the vast canvass on life, peppered with intermittent streaks of happiness. The birds have started their mellifluous rendition. I noticed a small kid riding a bicycle. Joy written all over his face. I waved at him and he waved me back. With his laughter still ringing in my ears, I got in to the car and started my journey to the park. The breeding ground for serious political, social, economical and professional discussions. I reached there at 06.25 A M. Parked the car and strolled towards our purported meeting place at the centre of the park. My friend was nowhere to be seen. I decided to do some stretching exercises till he turned up. An old man with a perpetual smile on his face jogged passed me. There was a certain rhythm to his jogging. I tried to recollect some songs which will sync with his rhythmic cadence. Finally I got one . Dhoom Pichuk by euphoria.

I took a deep breath. The cool succulent air gushed in to my lungs and engulfed me with a strange serenity. For a moment, I stood motionless. The cool breeze was trying to whisper something to me. I strained my ears to hear. It sounded like "You Lazy Bum. Move your feet". As if jolted from my mental stupor, my feet automatically started moving forward. Slowly ....step by step. As the cool breeze hit my chest, it felt good. I started to sway my arms, gradually increasing the momentum. A spurt of energy emanated from the base of my spine to the nape of my neck. Without realizing I have started to jog. My legs hitting the ground in synchronization with my heat beat. An eerie stillness seeped into my nebulous mind. The energy spurts became more frequent and I increased my speed. I felt like an energy ball. Like superman I wanted to just take off. Wow! I never imagined jogging could be so fun. I started to sweat. Beads of sweat started trickling down to my lips. The saltiness further propelled my enthusiasm. I started mentally preparing a list of "to do" things for that day. There is so much to do in office next week. But i am ready for the challenge. The vibrator in my mobile brought me back from my reverie. It was a message from my friend .It said he got up late and hence is not coming. Never mind! I can catch up with him later. But most importantly I caught up with my life today.....

What an exhilarating experience! Thank you my dear friend.

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