If you happen to be looking for a Paruresis cure, you're almost certainly all too accustomed with the psychological roller coaster Bashful Bladder Syndrome plays on your everyday life. You happen to be in public, going about your normal routine, then out of the blue, you become aware of the need to "go". Inside only a couple of brief seconds, the 'usual you' alters into a worried mess. Should you cope with Paruresis, this will more than likely sound all too correct. Regardless, have you stopped and contemplated what you are telling yourself in these highly-emotional instances? What's being referred to is the notion of 'self-talk' and comprehending it is essential to your Paruresis cure.

Now, there is a specific method of cognitive therapy which is focused on replacing the illogical "self-talk" which occurs within the mind, and is an exceedingly powerful Paruresis Cure. It's called Cognitive Restructuring and it is clear to understand. In essence, it entails discovering the negative questions and statements you present to yourself, and challenging them using undeniable evidence in order to prove that they just aren't accurate. So, anytime you commence the destructive "self-talk" again within a public toilet situation, you'll have the know how that will help disregard its credibility.

As an illustration, probably one of the most regular things a Paruretic communicates to themselves when at the urinal is "What if the bloke alongside me recognizes I am not "going"?" Not surprisingly, this is damaging since it stops him from relaxing, and in truth, it's just not rational; the guy one or two toilets across couldn't give a care in the world as to whether the Paruretic is urinating or not! He's got his own situation to worry about!... That's the incontrovertible proof to combat the negative "self-talk".

Should the above example happens in your Paruresis experiences, detect you're saying it, and change it with "no one even cares what I'm doing, they're too interested in their own business!". As soon as your inner thoughts are running very high, your "Self-Talk" will become incredibly strong for one reason; it sticks. Take a moment and have a think...you listen to one of your favourite tunes... Hours later, you notice yourself still humming along to the same track; it sticks! The exact theory is applicable to your Paruresis; use it to become your Paruresis cure.

Here are the practical stages you must adhere to, to remedy your Paruresis condition... Note down your negative "self-talk" that you declare to yourself in public rest room situations. You might be able to do this now, you might need to visit a public bathroom and pay special attention. As soon as you have written down a list, go through each statement and question sequentially and seek out evidence to prove it is false.

As an example, if you have discovered you frequently tell yourself "What is wrong with me, I can't even urinate." The undeniable evidence that you say to yourself is that "I urinate on a regular basis at home, thus I am fully competent of urinating here." The trick is to discover proof that disproves the original damaging statement.

For example, perhaps your "self-talk" is "Absolutely everyone can see I not urinating". Next time you go inside a public toilet, stand by a urinal and deliberately do not pee. Subtly look to your left and right. See how many blokes are noticing you are only standing there. I'd be willing to bet you will not come across anybody! There is your incontrovertible evidence.

So you have your evidence, now it's time to use it within public bathroom situations. When you walk in, your emotional and psychological state will be running high so tell your subconscious mind something powerful that's going to stick, as opposed to something harmful.

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