Diabetes can be a very strange disease in some people. Many do not consider it to be a very sever disease, because they do not have any signs and also symptoms of the disease. It usually starts in most people in very mild form. Once the conditions are diagnosed, unless it causes some damage to you, you might just ignore the condition. This is something that should not be done.

Even if the diabetes is identified during a routine examination, you should make sure that you take adequate care and precautions to make the condition to be under control. If you do not take adequate care, then it can cause a lot of damage to your body and the various systems. It can even be fatal in many people. In fact diabetes is one of the conditions like hypertension that is supposed to cause a lot of other complications like increasing cholesterol levels and also increasing the risk of diseases like cardiac problems and also stroke.

There are various signs of diabetes and these signs can vary from one person to another person. The reason for this is the various systems that are affected by this condition. The early signs in a person may be thirst and in another person it can be excessive urination. Some people may drastically lose weight and others may feel hungry. All these conditions occur because of the lack of insulin in the body or decrease in the insulin levels that cause an increased level of glucose in the blood.

The signs that can help to identify if you have diabetes includes the following:

1. Thirst:

Many people have a sudden increase in the thirst even when they do not have any change in their lifestyle. This can be a sign of diabetes.

2. Frequent urination:

This is another compo sign that can indicate that you have diabetes. Many people, who visit a physician, first have this condition that causes them to get themselves checked and may be diagnosed with diabetes.

3. Weight loss:

Weight loss can occur in a person with diabetes too. There is a sudden inexplicable loss of weight, but it should be remembered that sudden weight loss can occur in various other diseases too.

4. Wounds:

There are many people who get a wound and the delay in he healing of the wound may be the sign that helps them to suspect diabetes. It is well known that diabetes causes delayed wound healing. Though the layperson may not know the mechanism behind the delayed wound healing, the fact that there is a delay itself helps them to identify the condition.

5. Numbness or pain:

There are many people who have numbness or pain in their feet as the first sign of diabetes.

These are the common signs of diabetes that can be seen in people, but it should be understood that some people may have different signs not listed here too. Many others may not have any signs at all. Immediate treatment for the control of diabetes is very necessary.

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