Exercise is an physical activity which maintains physical fitness and good health. There are different ways of Exercise to perform. The exercise can be Playing, Gym workout,yoga, out door sports, jogging, and so on which leads to the development of physical system and total health . So from Regular exercise there are good number of benefits. Because of these exercises there are lot of benefits excluding the Health benefits. Where we will get good self-confidence and our expectancy level increases . Apart from this we will be having a different look to ourselves.

1. Improves Cardiovascular health : As we know most of the people are badly getting hit by Heart and Lungs problems. So if the regular exercise is performed like swimming and cycling then it helps the heart and lungs system to be more stronger.

2. Bone gets stronger: Because of the regular exercises like jogging,walking, playing makes the bone more stronger and keeps us healthy .

3. Stops from gaining weight : Regular exercise helps us in two ways , that is by maintaining a constant body weight will keeps the health more stronger. By doing regular exercise and perfect diet patterns we can maintain the exact weight which is required . Because of this there will be a balance in the body. We can perform a bit faster and Stronger even if we gets old. Not only loosing weight, we can maintain ourselves from gaining weight also. which is more important if we look at both ways of weight .

4. Changes the Brian Mood: from the Studies it is shown that , By doing regular exercise the depression levels, Stress goes off. Due to the Endorphins levels are low we feel stress, but due to the regular exercise the endorphins increases and we became stress free. So which is very much required for this generation. Because of this we look more fresh and younger. we can easily fight back with the mentally stress problems.

5. Increase Immune system (resistance) : Due to the regular exercise our body becomes fit and flexible. So that we can fight with any kind of diseases. That means the immunity system of our body Increases and it gives us resistance to protect from the Infections like flu and cold.

So because of the regular exercise there are so many benefits. Excluding the above benefits we can have benefits like Good Sleep, pain resistance increases, Controls Diabetics and Hypertension, and so on. The way that we are growing in terms of technology ,the same way the health problems are also growing. So to keep ourselves fit and to do the daily activities we have to do regular exercise. We should think of the present and future trend, and we should keep ourselves stronger by performing regular exercise .

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