Rehabilitation center is the word used to denote a place where patients in need of rehabilitation care are admitted, especially after some medical events, serious injuries, illness or at times some addiction like drug or alcohol. Rehabilitation homes take patients and look after them till the time they stay there. In some cases patients are permanently moved to a rehabilitation center for their better treatment and care.

Rehabilitation of a person or a patient aims at the following:

• To keep the person out of hospital or permanent residential care
• To impart new skills so that the person is able to manage when he goes back to his home
• It helps rebuild or boost a person's self confidence
Rehabilitation is like lifting a dead soul and filling a person with the zest to live the life to the fullest. The care takers at the center are specially trained to handle different types of patients and work under the able guidance of occupational therapist or a physiotherapist. Rehabilitation centers provide services as mentioned below:
• The patient is advised and trained to deal with the illness or everyday struggle in life. Rehabilitation centers encourage and try to bring back cheer in the residents' life.
• These centers keep a tab on each person's progress, improvement or changes in behavior since the time he/she was brought for rehabilitation. Individual care plan is maintained for all which is changed from time to time depending upon a person's improvement or lack of it. Those who respond well to the care and treatment have a bright chance of getting back to their families while the rest need to be fully rehabilitated before being allowed to leave the center.

• Rehabilitation facilities offer free counseling sessions to the patients. The patient's initial treatment begins as per their specific treatment requirements.

• Rehabilitation centers take care of patients who have been through drug or alcohol abuse in the past. Those who have been engaged in drug or alcohol abuse for reasonably longer period would find it difficult to get rid of it because they have been used to this particular pattern of lifestyle. Such patients are required to attend long term treatment ranging from three to six months so that the patient gets enough time to change as an individual as his surroundings change and the care he is given.

• On the other hand a patient with recent involvement in such abuses would be better positioned to get out of this muddle. Sessions of counseling and out patient treatment might just suffice to address to his situation.

• Rehabilitation centers while offering treatment as per individual conditions and requirement are also very professional in its dealings. They respect the confidentiality of each patient. These centers don't reveal medical condition or past habits or abuse that the patient has been through. The consultations and referrals are confidential in nature and the records are neither leaked nor shared with anyone other than the concerned care taker or the counselor.

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