There are many causes of nail fungus and one should know the cause of the disease so that they can prevent it from spreading from one person to another. At the same time, knowledge about the cause of the condition will help you to try to get adequate treatment for the condition so that it is cured completely.

There are various causes of nail fungus and one or more factors may play a role in the cause of nail fungus in you. Some of the common causes are listed here to make sure that you do not miss out any cause while identifying the presence of the nail fungus.

1. Dampness:

If the shoe or any other covering that you are using for your foot is damp, then it can lead to nail fungus occurring in the foot. Dampness causes the nail fungus to grow because in areas where the dampness is present, the fungi will thrive better.

2. Shoes and socks:

The shoes and socks that you wear should be cleaned regularly and you should also make sure that the shoes and socks are dry when you wear them because the fungi can easily grow in the damp environment of a wet socks or footwear. Similarly, the fungi can also grow when the shoes and socks are not washed regularly.

3. Nail care:

If you do not take proper care of your nails, then again nail fungus can grow on the nails. If you are using artificial nails like acrylic nails, then there is a great chance of nail fungus occurring in the nail because of the damp atmosphere. If you cut your nail too short too, the nail fungus can occur. To make sure that there is no opportunity for the nail fungus to grow, you should make sure that the nails are clean and trimmed properly.

4. Public areas:

Since the nail fungus is an infectious condition, there is a great chance of it getting transmitted from one person to another when you use public places, especially public toilets. If you visit a public place, make sure that you keep your feet dry as this will reduce the chance of you getting nail fungus.

5. Infections:

Nail fungus infections can also occur if you regularly have pedicure and manicure done. In such situations when the tools that are used from one person suffering from nail fungus is used on you, there is a great chance of nail fungus from spreading to you from that person. If you have to have manicure and pedicure done in a public place where others use the services, you should make sure that have separate tools for these to be done to you.

These are some of the causes and also the methods that can be used by you to prevent the nail fungus from occurring. It is very important that you prevent yourself from getting the nail fungus by doing these things mentioned here because once you get nail fungus, it is very difficult to treat and cure it.

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