There are many disease conditions that may require surgery, but there are times when the surgery may be refused by the person who has to have the surgery done. There are many reasons for the refusal of the surgery and this article lists some of the common reasons.

1. Fear:

The fear of the surgery is one of the main reasons for the refusal of surgery. It is a phobia that affects certain groups of people. Just like some people do not like to get on to a plane and fly, there are people who do not like to undergo a surgical procedure on them. The fear of death and disability could be part of the reason.

2. Post operative complications:

There are some people who may not be scared of the surgery itself, but they may be scared of the post operative complications that are sometimes seen in people who have had a surgery performed on them. Infection in the suture area and associated complications that are even fatal at times are some of the common complications that are seen in people who have had surgery. This could have a great impact on the acceptance or refusal of surgery.

3. No time:

There are many people who are in charge of their businesses and when they are required to have an elective surgery done, they might think that their business is more important. Most people who need to have an elective surgery done will not really think that it is an emergency and delay the surgery. If the person is busy, then they might refuse the surgery.

4. Financial constraints:

There are many times when the person may delay or even refuse surgery because of financial constraints. This can commonly be seen in some kinds of surgeries where the patient may not have severe signs of the disease. In these conditions, the patient and the family may think and worry about their financial situation. There are many places in the world where health insurance is not available for the people and unless they have the money to pay for the surgery, they may not really think that surgery is necessary, unless it is an emergency.

5. Other causes:

There are various other causes too that can prevent the person from having a surgery done. There are some people who have certain religious beliefs and this could mean that if they have surgery done on them, they might not reach heaven. There are also other cultures that are not open to the idea of surgery as it means the body has to be cut open.

These are some of the common reasons for the people refusing surgery. There can be other cultures where there are other reasons for the refusal of surgery. In spite of all the reasons, the person who needs to undergo the surgery has to understand that if surgery is not done at the right time, when the physician is saying it should be done, it can lead to various problems for the person.

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