What dentistry has attained with regard to discovery, she will soon have in her dental office. The self described Star Trek fanatic, who has offices in both Alton and Glen Carbon has just recently acquired an erbium laser that will once and for all, eliminate the need for hand held drills and anesthesia in most cavity preparations and many other dental procedures. She has placed this $47,000 big tool in her Alton clinic. More than 20 of her patients have gone under the laser since the day it was delivered. Not having to be anesthetized is receiving good feedback from patients. Even so, they reported that there is a little discomfort that was felt during the procedure. It will be a 2 on a scale of one to ten, they said. The slight discomfort does not go even with an anesthesia.

Almost 90 percent of the country's dentists still have not availed of the erbium laser system in their offices. It shows more efficient and effective handling of ulcers or canker sores, bone re shaping and freeing up of impacted teeth. The diode laser she does have is limited to soft tissue procedures only. Bone procedures are not possible with that.

Tooth, gum and bone tissue can be done using diode laser. An additional advantage is the absence of generated heat and vibration compared to hand tools. And most people don't like the sound that goes with the drill. The sound is actually more like a popcorn popping. The bring the decay along with it, the erbium laser follows water molecules and pops them up.

Because it emanates a pulsed laser beam with a wavelength of 2.94 microns, everyone exposed to it are demanded to wear goggles. In cosmetic dentistry, procedures like evening up the gum line, this one really works. This is a very absolute laser and there is minimal damage done to surrounding areas. She positioned her diode laser in the Glen Carbon office. She found out that the erbium laser was available at a seminar in Saint Louis recently and hustled to buy it. It took her a while to finally get one of these lasers, she said. After saying that she has always been a big follower of Star Trek, she said she thought this is terrific technology. It is definitely a good practice for pediatric dentistry because you do not want to put children under anesthesia even if it is not necessary.

Also, we can always do it how it has always been done for the longest time. Actually, old silver fillings that were utilized my dentists on their patients could mess up the new laser technology. Actually, this adjunctive tool is really very helpful. The bloodless and stitch less advantage of laser technology can now be enjoyed at an affordable cost by the patients.

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