Although there are many options to assist those who have an auditory handicap, such as lip reading and hearing aids, there is no substitute for preventative ear care. However, it is sad that countless children who are born with good hearing actually have it impaired through a tragedy or through an illness.

Scarlet fever or measles are infectious diseases that can cause hearing impairment. However, even common illnesses such as sinus infections, colds, tonsillitis or trouble with adenoids can cause an infected abscess inside the ear, resulting in severe pain or loss of hearing. A child's hearing ability will be hurt lest a physician is involved and his orders are strictly followed.

Another danger is that children may push small objects, such as a bead or a crayon or a bean, in their ears. If the item can be seen by the parent, they can be removed with ease. The worst thing that you can do is poke at a lodged object, try to forcefully remove it, or attempt to locate an object that is not visible. If you are ever unsure about ear problems, call your pediatricians office. Sometimes, a tiny bug might enter into a child's ear. A treatment for that is to put a couple of drops of warm, not hot, castor or vegetable oil in the child's ear.

You also need to learn how to properly clean an ear, as wax should never be removed using a sharp object. The use of such objects jeopardizes the health of the ear drum, or may cause some other damage to the ear. Only a parent should perform wax removal, and it should only be cleaned from the external parts of the ear. Consult your doctor ff you find the wax to be impacted, firm, or otherwise abnormal.

Sometimes ear infections are caused by swimming in dirty water. Some people are unable to dive from a significant height without guarding their ears from possible perforation of the eardrum. Diving and underwater swimming should be done with restraint and should be discontinued if any discomfort develops in the ear or sinuses.

Immediately take your child to the pediatrician if there is any discharge, noises or pain in their ear. There are many children with undetected hearing issues because they do not complain of any discomfort.

You should seek the advice of a doctor or ear specialist, if your child's speech is delayed, they do not respond when you call them, or they do not enunciate clearly. In some circumstances, discomfort and tiredness are the result of partial deafness for many kids and adults.

Typically, a medical evaluation is performed before children enter the school system. A doctor will notice if the child's hearing is impaired. If the parent suspects there is a hearing problem, he or she should tell the doctor what the signs are.

There are times when hearing impairment causes children to perform poorly at school, and this sometimes leads to a misconception that they are not intelligent. Occasionally, boys will become troublemakers and skip school because he claims not to like it. Their grades are low - usually at the bottom of the class. Both his parents and teacher are unaware of the motives behind his actions being the result of partial deafness. Every parent wants their child to perform to their best potential while pursuing an education. Hearing difficulties can seriously hurt your child's ability to learn. If you have wondered whether or not your child is handicapped, it is important that you speak to your doctor and offer him as many opportunities as you possibly can to win over this condition. Ensuring the best possible care for your ears is essential, as your ears are very valuable to you!

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