Miss. Adeola Eze and her mother visited India for her Spinal Column surgery in India. Mrs. Adeola's mom was suffering from severe back pain. She was having this problem since long time and was taking treatment for it but still she was not happy with the outcome. Then her spine doctor advised her to get Spinal column surgery done and the doctor also suggested her to get it done through Medsurge Healthcare Consultants as it is the best healthcare consultancy firm in India.
Hello! If you want to really know about hospitality, better visit India, and I bet, you would feel the same, as I, Adeola Eze, a Nigerian is feeling the same, after having my mother's Spinal column surgery in India.

I guess it was my mom's good deeds only which led us to India for my mother's Spinal column surgery in India via the medical tourism company called- Medsurge Healthcare Group. I really owe to them for treating my mother for her Spinal column surgery. Prior to surgery, life was horrible. She could not do any of the things she wanted to do. She woke up at 5:00am everyday with extreme pain. It got to the point that she did not care to live anymore! Thank GOD, for Medsurge Healthcare Group, they saved her life!

Once had a contact with Medsurge Healthcare Group team and everything was a quick go. I could not believe it, nor my mother. After going through the site, I realized that the packages offered for various medical treatments including Spinal column surgery in India were quiet affordable and was within my reach, and traveling for this is an easy course of action. I then dropped them an e-mail about my mother's Spinal column surgery. Interestingly, I got an instant reply followed by a call. The executive collected medical history and reverted to me within 48 hours with some viable solutions pertaining to her Spinal column surgery in India. The package offered for her treatment was competent or rather too lucrative to reject. After discussing further with mother and few close friends, I made my mind to fly for my mother's Spinal column surgery in India. The staff treated us better than any doctor's office I had ever been to.

On the day of surgery, the procedure was very pleasant. Unlike the previous situations she had been through over the years, She was not scared at all. For Spinal column surgery, after a local anesthetic is administered, a small incision is made and a round Depuy tube is put into the incision. A series of tubes of increasing size are placed over this first tube, one at a time, to slowly create a small opening to the spine. That allows the surgeon to perform the Spinal column surgery with minimal damage to the surrounding muscles. The muscles are pushed out of the way and are not torn or cut. The last tube is about 18 millimeters in diameter (about as big as a small marker) and inserted through this working tube is the laser, camera, suction, irrigation and other surgical instruments. Once everything is in place, the surgeon can begin removing the bone and tissue that is compressing the nerve without distress to the patient. Some patients feel immediate relief during the procedure as the nerve is released. When the procedure is complete, the tube is slowly removed, allowing the muscles to move back into place. Occasionally, a stitch or two is needed for the incision. After being operated on for one and a half hours, she was able to sit just 3 hours after the surgery. A miracle! The following day after the follow up, she walked around the hospital corridor and was able to sit on the bench of the hospital garden.

Medsurge Healthcare Group has partnered with the leading hospitals in India to enable our overseas clients to have the opportunity to access world class quality medical treatments at very affordable prices. Medsurge Healthcare Group has collaborated with hospitals which have a large pool of doctors, nurses, and support staff ensuring individualized care. The highly skilled personnel, with wide experience and international exposure excel in their fileld. At this juncture, let me thank everyone including my medical consultant, and the surgeon who performed my mother's Spinal column surgery in India. May God bless them all!

Thank you!!!

Adeola Eze

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