Diabetes is a condition that is commonly seen in many people all over the world. The most common complication that occurs in people with diabetes is that the wounds in their hands or feet or for that matter any other part of their body will not heal very quickly because of the increased amount of glucose in their blood. This is the reason of the importance being stressed on the need to prevent the ulcer than on treating the ulcer.

Many people who have had diabetic ulcers may end up with an amputation, especially if they have not been taking proper care of the wound. Even if you take proper care of your feet, if you have an ulcer, then there is a chance that there might be an amputation. The reason for this is that because of the decrease in the blood supply in the area of the wound, the wound does not heal very quickly. Along with the delay in the wound healing, there is also a chance that the wound might get infected. This wound infection again increases the chance of an amputation.

To prevent all this complications, a person who has the risk of getting an ulcer or wound should be able to know and identify the causes of the wound. This will help the person to be able to prevent the occurrence of the wound again.

The various causes of a wound in those with diabetes are as follows:

1. Loss of sensation:

This is the primary cause if the ulcer. Almost all those who have loss of sensation will have an ulcer at least once in their life and this ulcer has a high risk of getting infected and becoming a non healing ulcer. The loss of sensation is directly because of the nerve damage that occurs when you have diabetes, though the nerve damage does not occur in all those with diabetes.

2. Sharp injuries:

If you have loss of sensation in the feet, then it can cause you to have a sharp injury if you walk on the floor or in your garden without footwear. Sharp injuries can also occur when you wear footwear with thin sole and the sharp object can enter the foot through the footwear.

3. Shoes:

The footwear that you are wearing can also cause you to damage your legs and cause wounds on your feet if you are not careful and wear tight fitting shoes. This is the reason for you to wear shoes that are not too tight or too loose. You should also make sure that the footwear has a soft insole to protect your feet.

4. Repetitive stress injuries:

Though you are careful to prevent any sharp injuries from occurring in your feet, you can also have a repetitive stress injury occurring in your feet and this can cause you to have injuries too. These kinds of wounds may not be deep, but they can be as dangerous as the other kinds of injuries.

These are the common causes of wounds that occur in the foot of a diabetic.

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