1. Go to bed when tired
High quality sleep is very important! Scientist fined many relationships between sleep and sub-health, feeling of failure, distress. Scientist's advices that even simple things give people different sleep quality. For example, some beers, watch films. Exercise can relax our mood and is good for our resting.

2. Get out of the door
It is obvious that go out of the room do a lot. Although take a walk, jogging or only sit anywhere. Access to woodlands has been linked to improved physical and mental health.

3. Lower cooking time so as to enrich nutrients
Cooking vegetables quickly as possible, this will help you consume less fuel and reduce nutrients loss. It is commonly thought that boiling for a long time loss a large amount of nutrients. Steam or put it into microwaving ovens can short the cooking time. By the way, frozen vegetables tend to retain on useful component better than picked recently ones.

4. Chilling out
A latest survey found that focusing on the importance of "now" or taking up a favorite thing can help to keep you mentally balanced in turbulent times. A lot of men come to know that keep silent is useful. such as sit on a stool, put your legs in a certain place, sit up, put your arms in a certain place, place hands in a certain place, close the eyes, right now you can feel breathing, stop.

5. Stay away from bad habits
Smoking costs a lot. Although the statement is mixed. Keep away from smoking is a right choice. Nice suggestion does favor you very much. Two good books written by Allen Carr and Paul Mckenna are thought to be the best.

6. Do not take poisonous products
Many substances we consume do harm to out body. Such as alcohol. Too much alcohol will destroy our live seriously.

7. Walk a dog
Not only have mental therapy, but also walking, this kills two birds with one stone.

8. Get a cheap gym membership
Local authority equipment is better than private ones. If you are going fewer than four times a week, it may be worth switching. If you are considering a private gym, remember to shop around.

9. Let your tooth in healthy state
The best way to keep teeth health is to stop the growth of bacteria. Brush them regularly by hand. You can resolve them completely. Sugar is their food which turns to tooth-rotting acid. Chewing gum will increase the saliva and clear the sugar. Much evidence proves that sweets with little sugar help reduce kid's mouth bacteria, but check with a dentist before giving them to you kids.

10. Take some nutritious food
That's right, goji berries, strawberry, Pomegranates and so on. They help you keep healthy easily. You can take them reasonable amount and will do well to your health.

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