Injuries during sport may occur suddenly or progress over a period of time, perhaps weeks or years.
A true understanding of biomechanics (how the body moves) offers a precise and effective solution to your pain. The solution to what appears a complicated problem may in fact be simple!

Common sites of pain related to poor alignment and inaccurate biomechanics are:

* Lower Back
* Hip
* Groin
* Pain around the knee: below the knee cap, to the outside or inside of the knee, at the centre
of at the back of the knee
* Calf, inside or outside of the shin
* On the heel, most often towards the inside of the foot
* Along the arch of the foot
* In the ball of the foot
* In the big toe
* Sciatica
* Groin Pain

Specialist footwear and leg supports are used to treat a variety of conditions. You may have been diagnosed with a condition affecting your muscle power, resulting in a loss of balance, or you simply suffer aches and pains in the foot, knee, hip and lower back.

There are a variety of conditions which result in pain or a deterioration of your balance. For a better understanding of some of the conditions which Stride Orthotics helps with please follow the links below:

* Neuromuscluar Conditions
* Arthritis
* Diabetes
* Foot Conditions
* Lower Leg Conditions
* Knee Conditions
* Hip and Lower Back Conditions

We provide custom designed supports to joints of the lower limb, e.g. lower leg splints, knee braces, ankle supports, specialist made to measure footwear and foot orthotics (insoles). The Orthotic supports are designed to support joints and muscles of the lower back, hip, knee, ankle, lower leg and foot. Orthotics are prescribed for a variety of reasons, for example: to reduce pain, protect joints and muscles from injury during sport, provide comfort to arthritic joints, improve balance and walking by compensating for any muscle weakness and protect damaged ligaments. Specialist made to measure footwear is prescribed for those that struggle to find good fitting footwear, the footwear design may include hidden support to improve balance and reduce pain.

The clinics run in both Glasgow and Edinburgh and each site includes a gait lab in which in-depth analysis of the bodies alignment is carried out utilising the most advanced video gait analysis software. This method of assessment identifies the exact alignment of the spine, hip, knee, foot and leg and any alignment abnormalities. Once the problem has been identified the patient is then prescribed a support to realign the body, usually foot orthotics, and also supplied with an exercise programme which would strengthen the abnormally aligned joint.

Initial consultations are FREE and offered in addition to FREE video gait analysis and a FREE CD copy of your unique video analysis.

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