The mystery of tantric healing and massage therapy has always existed and will never fade in the Western world; however, most practitioners of both massage therapy and tantra have made an effort to distinguish differences between these two practices. Most people are now catching on, but there is still an immeasurable ignorance that exists; particularly in the Western world.

According to New York State, massage therapy is defined as engaging in applying a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body by means of stroking, kneading, tapping and vibrating with the hands or vibrators for the purpose of improving muscle tone and circulation. The oldest form of massage is Swedish massage; which originated from Sweden in the 19th century.

Massage therapy shouldn't be performed by an individual who is not licensed in New York State; this is the law. Is this law practiced and re-enforced in New York State? We can all ask ourselves and will never comprehend the mystery around massage therapy.

Different types of massage:

Swedish Massage; Deep Tissue Massage; Trigger Point Therapy; Shiatsu Massage; Prenatal Massage; Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage.

Tantric Spiritual Healing:

Tantra originated 7000 years ago in India; the genius of the ancient Indian mystics has left us a rich legacy of knowledge, based upon the power of sound, which puts our quest for enlightenment and for health, happiness and prosperity in perfect balance. This secret knowledge, passed down in an ancient oral tradition for thousands of years, is an authentic spiritual art perfectly preserved for today's world.

Tantric knowledge is often used today as a remedial measure for physical healing, material problems, and spiritual problems with entities. Sometimes cosmic forces try to disturb people and disrupt their lives and their spiritual journeys. Tantra can cure conditions that medical science cannot explain or heal.

Tantra is an exacting science of spirit. It encompasses principles that govern the fabric of creation that manifests as our physical world. Through the ancient teachings of Tantric tradition we have been given a perfected, highly technical roadmap through the ethers to the realization of our connection with the Supreme Divine Power.

Tantra is a highly spiritual technology, eternally pure, whose goal is full control of the physical senses and the ability to communicate directly with the Supreme Divine Power.
There are two sciences operating simultaneously today. One is physical science, Bhut Vigyan. The other is Dev Vigyan, or spiritual science, which describes in detail how to ascend and connect with God. Within the category of Dev Vigyan there are many techniques that guide the spiritual aspirant toward the Supreme Divine Power. Some of these techniques include prayer, worship, invocation, yoga, shankhya, gyana (Divine knowledge), devotion, and principles of karma.

We can bury the mystery if we have an understanding of massage therapy and tantric healing. It has been advised that couples should practice tantric spiritual healing to re-enforce the spirituality and sensuality in relationships; this is believed to prevent cheating in long-term relationships. Seeking divine spirituality from within is a better way to heal our minds, bodies and spirits. Tantric spiritual healing is generally done through touch and intimate physical contact.

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