Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that can occur in a person. Though there are many people who have been able to overcome the disease, there are many others who succumb to the disease. This is the reason for the fear that is associated with the disease. The disease can occur in various parts of the body. The mainstay of the modern healthcare system is the use of medications, called as chemotherapy in the curtailing of the cells from growing.

Other than the chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are the two other methods of the person affected with Cancer to be treated with regular treatments. There are many more people who do not respond to these therapies. In these people, the disease can progress and can lead to various further problems. In these people, alternate treatments like Ayurveda may be very helpful.

There are various methods in which the Ayurvedic therapy will help the person suffering from cancer. These are listed here.

1. Adjunct therapy:

The medications that are used by the physician as part of the chemotherapy may cause various levels of cure to the person affected by cancer. The use of the Ayurvedic medication will help the other medicines to function more effectively. This is called as the adjunct therapy. As the Ayurvedic medication acts as an adjunct therapy, it will help to enhance the effects of the modern medicine and kill more of the tumour cells than is possible with the chemotherapy medications alone.

2. Prevents side effects:

The Ayurvedic medicines also have another important function and this is to prevent the side effects that can be caused by the chemotherapy. The medicines that are used as part of the chemotherapy procedure are all very toxic. These kind of toxic medications are needed so that the tumour will become choked and then die or reduce in size. The Ayurvedic medicines are able to prevent the severe side effects that are caused by the regular medicines consumed to counter the effects of the disease.

3. Acts on specific tissues:

The modern medicine or chemotherapy that is used will help to counter the disease, but it affects the person as a whole. Though the chemotherapy is aimed at the cancer cells, all the other cells in the body are also affected and this is the reason for the hair fall, nausea and vomiting. The Ayurvedic medications that are used in the treatment of cancer will be able to act on the specific tissues in the body and this prevents the person from having severe complications or side effects.

4. Slows down the disease:

The Ayurvedic therapy not only helps to prevent the side effects of the medications, but the medicines used by the Ayurvedic practitioners will be able to prevent the progression of the cancer itself. This is very beneficial to the person affected by the disease because this decrease in the progression of the disease may even prevent the secondary metastases from occurring.

5. Other situations:

There are some people who may have surgery, chemotherapy and also radiation therapy being contra indicated in them due to various reasons. In these people, the use of Ayurvedic medication has been a boon because otherwise the person will be doomed with the disease. The Ayurvedic treatment has been seen to reduce the disease in such people with no other treatment too!

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