Nail fungus is a condition that is also called as onychomycosis. This is a chronic condition and cannot be easily cured. There are many people who suffer from the nail fungus and so the treatment and the prevention is of great importance. The disease also causes great damage to the nail and makes the nail to be disfigured. Other than the change in the shape, size and the contour of the nail, there can also be many other signs and complications of the nail fungus.

The severity of the nail fungus has made the immediate treatment of the condition to be very important and necessary. If you are not able to treat the nail fungus as soon as possible, then the nail will degenerate and will end up dead. There are various kinds of treatments that can be provided for doing away with the nail fungus. If you would like to treat it immediately, then you should consume various antifungal medications to make sure that the disease is cured.

Some of the common anti fungal medications are in the form of pills and capsules. As many people do not like to consume pills or capsules, the natural therapy has started gaining more importance as far as the cure of nail fungus is concerned. There are also many side effects of the consumption of these drugs. Some of the common side effects that have been seen in people who consume these drugs are headache and also stomach ache. These occur because of the toxicity that is related to the chemicals in the drugs that are consumed. In fact the toxicity can even lead to damage to the liver and other parts of the body.

There are various natural treatments that are also available where there is no consumption of any medication and all the applications are topical in nature. The topical applications prevent any side effects. The common natural treatments are as follows:

1. Tea tree oil:

The tea tree oil can be applied over the nail that has been affected with ail fungus. This application should be done at least two times each day and should be over the nail. When this is done regularly, the nail becomes as good as new, though after a few months.

2. Listerine:

This is usually used as a mouth wash agent, but it is known to be a powerful antiseptic. It has been found that when the Listerine is applied over the affected nail, it can lead to the disappearance of the fungus.

3. Alcohol:

As all of us know, alcohol also has a lot of antiseptic effects and so if the alcohol is rubbed on the nail that is affected by fungus, then the nail will be cured of the fungus.

There are also many other applications that can help to sure the nail and they include the application of hydrogen peroxide. Application of Vicks vaporub over the affected nail will help to get rid of the nail fungus. These are some of the commonly used natural remedies for nail fungus.

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