Did you know that calcium and weight are directly related? Yes... all this while we just knew that calcium is good for health and building up the bones. But as per a research it has been found that intake of calcium plays a vital role in weight loss or maintenance of weight.

The best way to get calcium is through intake of dairy products. But, unfortunately not many tend to opt for dairy because it is high on fat. Also, majority think that eliminating such dairy foods from the diet can lead to weight loss. However, the thought is just the opposite. Adding more calcium in the diet can speed up the process of weight loss.

What is the link between the calcium and weight loss? How much of calcium should be consumed in a day to reduce weight?

Why is Calcium effective for Weight Loss

A reduced intake or follow up of low calorie diet is the main reasons why experts believe weight loss is effective. If you are a follower of low-fat diet then here the hidden link between calcium and weight loss is the capacity of the body to increase the ability and burn calories. It is seen that consuming large amounts of calcium helps in increasing the metabolism levels in the body which in turn helps the body burn more calories. It has also been found that more the intake of calcium the less likely is the storage of fat. The fat in the fat cells gets burnt when greater amount of calcium gets stored in the cells.

Let us have a look at some of the calcium sources that can promote weight loss:

If you are planning to incorporate calcium in the daily diet than considering low-fat food sources in dairy is the option that clicks the mind firstly. So, including skimmed or reduced fat milk, low-fat cheese and low-fat yogurt are the possible options. Using lactose may get little difficult for individuals due to the intolerance or the dislike towards dairy products so for such individuals fruit juices or soy products are the best alternatives.

Introduction to the accurate quantity of Calcium for Weight Loss

Three to four every day serving of low-fat dairy products is usually recommended to all those individuals who wish to derive all the possible benefits from calcium sources. According to a University abroad it has been found that intake of 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium is usually suggested for easy or quick weight loss. Also, before the intake consulting with the health care provider or physician regarding the various queries about daily calcium intake or dosage recommendations too plays an important role.

So, if you are on a look out for a new diet then considering calcium for weight loss should be an ideal route to meeting to the end goal-weight loss. Even the other important thing that can be kept in mind before getting to such a pattern would be, by staying away from whole fat milk or dairy product because they may increase your probability of obesity and also raise the cholesterol levels which may further give rise to various cardio vascular problems.

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