Sun stroke is a common condition that is seen in extreme environment. The person who has been in an area where the temperature of the place is very high can get heat stroke. This means that the natural temperature may be less, but the heat in the room or a mine can also cause heat stroke other than the heat of the sun when the condition is usually called as sun stroke.

There are various causes of the heat stroke and there are also measures to prevent the condition and each of us living in the tropics should know about these to prevent the condition from affecting us.

Causes of sun stroke:


This is the primary cause of heat stroke in people. A person who has not been having adequate intake of water will be at a very high risk of having heat stroke if the person is exposed to very high temperatures. The reason for this is that the person does not have the water reserves to sweat and make sure the heat is dissipated. This causes the person to have dehydration.

Electrolyte disturbance:

The person who has had decreased intake of various kinds of fluids can also have an electrolyte imbalance. This is because the person who has had a loss of water from the body

High risk groups:

The children who are very young and also the people in the older age group are the ones who are at a very high risk of being affected by the heat stroke. Other than the age group, there are also a lot of people who have been suffering from various disease conditions who are also affected by this condition. This includes those who have heart diseases, lung and also kidney diseases. People who work under extreme conditions including athletes and also miners are also at a risk of heat stroke.

Prevention of heat stroke:

The prevention of heat stroke is a major issue that has to be understood by the person who lives in climates that are very warm so that they will be able to lead a life that is healthy. The most important methods of preventing having heat stroke is to drink plenty of fluids. This will enable the person to have a lot of water in the body so that even in hot climates the body will be cooled by the sweat. It is also better to avoid doing heavy work in hot and humid conditions.

Treatment of heat stroke:

In spite of all the prevention aspects, if a person gets heat stroke, then there are certain methods of making sure that the person lives in spite of suffering from this condition. The first action to prevent worsening of the condition is to make the person affected to lie in shady areas and then fan the person. Application of cold compress is another method of treating the heat stroke. Immediate hospitalization and replacement of the fluids that were lost is very important for the person to become all right again.

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