Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which more than enough body fat is accumulated by the person due to excessive eating or other reasons. Obesity has become one the biggest issues that people are facing in many countries due to the easy and fast moving lifestyle that has made people work less physically while relying more on fast food. Obesity is the cause of many diseases namely diabetes, cancer (some types) and especially heart related diseases. Obesity has become the most apparent problem in public health and serious concern have been started to show on its possible cure and reduction.

Obesity has been increased in the general public due to excessive increase of fast foods. Many restaurants and other food outlets have started to give out food that has high rate of calories and people as they have less time to cook fresh opt for them. They are cheap, fast and easily portable making them an attraction for busy people. The fast paced world has made this fast food the basic foods supplement in one's basic food plan. Carbonated beverages, burgers and French fires are the most used fast food items that have contributed much towards obesity. Some people also like to eat confectioneries, too much consumption of which is known to increase the rate of fats intake.

Also lack of sleep has been categorized as a cause of Obesity as many people tend to reach home late and don't get the enough sleep. Apart from this, lack of active lifestyle like watching too much television and never taking a morning or evening walk has also caused people to become a couch potato.

The best way to fight Obesity is appropriate eating and exercising. This will help stare at physical fitness. Some ways to eliminate Obesity are given below.

1) Start to move around

The number one cause of Obesity is laziness and lethargic attitude towards work. A person should start moving around basically. They should take walks in parks or even out in front of their houses. Brisk walking is considered best to burn off few calories.

2) Sleep more
Studies have shown that people that don't sleep properly are often Obese. The reason is that once we tire our body and don't give it rest, it slows down our metabolism as a survival technique that in turn makes us eat more. Thus a person should try to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep to stay fit.

3) Water
Drinking as much fluids as a person can help our body get the required water. Moreover, drinking much water helps the digestion system function properly. Water also facilitates our exercise plan which then help utilize the consumed food properly.

4) Increase intake of salads
Eating dietary fibers and salads help as an alternative to our usual diet plan. Salads help in cutting our fats. Salads also speed up the digestion process and clean our insides like nothing else and reduce chances of constipation and Hemorrhoids.

5) Cook at home

The best thing to cut your excessive fat intake is to cook at home and eat in small plates. This will automatically help you lose weight as you would not pile up more. Cooking at home will also keep you away from eating out thus help you avoid the calories you take in at restaurants whereas saving you a few bucks as well.

6) Physical Exercise
The most common and most useful technique in reducing obesity is to do more exercise like running and going to gym. Choose a sport and start playing it. Sports help as we play with zeal and effort and thus burn the excess calories by increasing our metabolic rate.

Obesity has been characterized with wealth and among the elite was once considered as a fad. But nevertheless it has been found that being obese is injurious to health and brings with it many health conditions that shorten the span of life. Social ridicule and self esteem are some of the other issues faced by obese people, that may result in person getting depressed and devoid of any social appearances .Therefore it is imperative for a person to realize these facts and start living on a healthy lifestyle pattern.

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