The presence of blackheads on the face is one of the worst things that a person can encounter. The reason for this is that the person who is affected by this condition will need all the help that can be got to remove it. The blackheads can be disfiguring if it occurs in the face. The person suffering from this condition will have to consult a dermatologist for the condition to be treated. There are many people who try various natural therapies and remedies to get rid of this condition. The truth is that most of the remedies may not work in all people. So it is always better to have a medical consultation before the person is able to start trying various home remedies.

There are several steps and methods that will help to remove the blackheads and they are listed here.

1. Clean the face:
This is one of the important methods of not only cleaning the face, but also preventing any further occurrence of blackheads. Water can be used in the cleaning process, though there are other things like the use of salicylic acid which will enhance the cleaning.

2. Astringent: This is the substance that will help to reduce the oiliness of the face. Some people have very oily faces because of the excessive production of sebum in the skin. These are the people who are very commonly affected by the presence of blackheads. To make sure that they do not have this problem, the astringent will help to remove the oiliness from the face to a great extent.

3. Creams: There are a lot of medicated gels and creams that are very useful in the process of removing the blackheads. These are the gels that contain chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and also salicylic acid. These are very useful as they not only reduce the oiliness, but also help in the removal of the blackheads that are already present.

There are various other methods that can also help in the removal of the blackheads and they are as follows:

1. Exfoliation: There are certain areas in the face that are repeatedly affected by this condition. These are also the areas where the person will have a high chance of getting another blackhead. To make sure that this is prevented, the person should use regular exfoliation to prevent the occurrence if this condition.

2. Hair: The hair that is oily can also cause the presence of blackheads if the hair keeps falling on the face of the person. Making sure that the hair does not keep falling on the face is one of the better methods of preventing blackheads.

3. Sunshine: The blackheads occur because of the block in the pores in the face that will prevent the sebum from escaping and cause the blackheads. To make sure that the sebum is not blocked, regular sunshine on the face is important. This will increase the peeling of the skin and then remove all the sebum leading to lack of blackheads.

4. Soap: The use of soap excessively will also reduce the amount of sebum that is removed. Instead of the person washing the face with soap at regular intervals, the use of plain water to wash the face is a better option and it will prevent the blackheads from occurring.

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