After he asked a question, his mother answered. He considered what he saw by the table beside her to be a miracle. The hearing aid of the mother lay there. Not needing any assistance, she was able to hear her son clearly for the first time after using the aid for 15 years.

Inside the cubicle of an acupuncture center were the mother and son when this occurred and the mother had four thin needles placed on the sides of her jaws as well as her neck near the ears. When she was on the medical examining table, the mother had a curious look. Her situation was fine as she said. I thought she must have the hearing aid on because I didn't raise my voice at all, but then I looked down at the table and there it was.

NY served as their home but they did not hesitate to travel to Washington when they saw a story in the local paper about how a particular center was making use of acupuncture to treat nerve deafness, they used fine needles and inserted them into the body of the patient. Most of the time, acupuncture is ideal for relieving pain but it is used to cure deafness here.

Using the term cure is only acceptable when referring to nerve deafness. It is possible to give audiometer findings before and after treatment. There are about 35 to 40 percent of the hearing impaired who have nerve deafness and they are the only ones who can be treated with acupuncture. Should hearing loss be due to punctured ear drums and the like, this will not become in ideal form of treatment.

No patient is accepted without being evaluated and the doctor ensures that no false claims are given to the patients, he actually became interested in the method when his entire family underwent the procedure during a trip to Argentina. On the average, eight treatments would provide a 75 to 80 percent improvement. When people grow older, improvement slightly decreases. An age between 7 to 12 years old may result in full hearing abilities being regained. There is much value in getting further treatments done after the initial acupuncture session.

Waiting for other patients to finish their sessions was the US deputy undersecretary of labor for legislative affairs who was waiting outside for his tenth treatment. The undersecretary is a young Montanan whose job is to give the administration precise and unemotional reports on the mood of Congress and the chances for passage of legislation affecting the Labor Department. Thanks to a virus attack in 1968, he lost hearing in his left ear. Nerve deafness was the preliminary diagnosis he was given without any chance of recovery. All of the hearing aids he used were not that helpful.

The way for him to handle the situation he thought was permanent was to shuffle people to his right side when they were speaking to him. He cannot steer clear from fearing a loss of hearing in the other ear and his hearing loss can be pretty disturbing especially when it was the hunting season. For him, he will not be benefitted when the acupuncture center opened. With a cure like this one results a load of inquiries from people. Still he managed to try acupuncture out and the audiogram was able to inform him or the complete loss of hearing in his left ear.

He had what he calls well developed dread of needles and blacked out when the first acupuncture needles were inserted. From the audiogram machine came a beeping sound. After 70 percent of recovered hearing and nine treatments done, he says that until the maximum recovery is reached he will keep on getting treated.

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