As someone who has worked with numbers his whole life, I tend to collect and remember certain numbers, especially numbers that are scary. The United States has a federal debt amounting to $8 trillion and on the average $28,000 comes from each American family. No good could result from this. This is nothing compared to another number. Passing the United States bar has been an achievement of more than a million lawyers.

When it comes to a million lawyers, this has never happened before. There might be some problems when there are a million lawyers. But we cannot operate well in society without the presence of lawyers. When it comes to lawyers, several of the lawmen we depend on include defense attorneys, prosecution attorneys, patent lawyers, contract lawyers, and corporate lawyers. Depending on the services they provide, in a class by themselves are the personal injury lawyers and class action lawyers.

Bringing punishment for the sins they make is God and this is according to people who are religious. The only ones spared by the terrible flood sent by God thousands of years ago were Noah and a chosen few. With the Jews in bondage, God sent seven plagues upon Egypt later on. In the Middle Ages, he sent the black plague to Europe and killed nearly half the population. God sending personal injury lawyers to the United States can easily dwarf biblical floods and plagues when it comes to punishments.

An injury is the main purpose for hiring personal injury lawyers. As an example, take a man to be referred to as BC as he went to Brooklyn hoping for some rest and relaxation time. Belonging to a dancer were some massive boobs that eventually hit BC on the head while he was in the middle of getting his R&R. Aside from lacerations and bruising, the impact was also able to cause contusions. Due to BC's emotional stress, mental aguish, and indignity, his lawyer is demanding an amount of $200,000. Such emotional stress and mental anguish may have indeed resulted from being hit by some 57 inch bosoms.

In one of the popular coffee shops in Manhattan was where a Canadian tourist in New York City planned to get some coffee. Another thing he did was use the toilet there. He then tried to grab some of the toilet paper. What happened next was that his seat shifted unexpectedly causing his manhood to be clamped against the toilet bowl causing serious pain. Already being asked by his lawyer in damages for his injury is a million dollars and his wife is also suing them for another $500,000 for the loss of his marital services. The funny thing here is how his wife only sees his manhood as worth half.

Currently, society has been filled with people who do not man up to their mistakes. It seemed like a good idea for one Pensacola, Fla man to drink with some friends. There were a lot of people there and they had plenty to drink and this man wandered off to some railroad tracks where he passed out in the wee hours of the night.

He did not see it coming, there was a train and his right hand was severed. What is the outcome? His case was that the railroad negligently acted as they permitted a train to pass while he was still asleep on the tracks. He managed to get $900,000.

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