In our modern society, many people feel unhappy. Actually with just a little bit of change, you can enhance your happiness sensitivity and be more happy.

1. Stop Complaining

You may have never thought, but complaining will leave a great negative impact on you. The more you think about these troubles in your mind, the more you will be subjected to it. In fact, complaining can't help you eliminate your fidgety mood, in fact it will make you feel even more depressed. With a calm heart, try to face to everything. Accept all kinds of ups and downs in life and you will really master your own heart and have more happiness in life.

2. Thinking from a different perspective

Encounter bad things as they happen accept then frankly and bravely. You can also think from a different perspective - a positive perspective too. Said to yourself silently that fortunately it is happening now and I am still young, with this kind of an experience I will hopefully not be struggling with it the future. From a different perspective try to encourage yourself with a positive attitude, you will certainly be able to experience a little happiness in life.

3. Don't be too picky
Although the cavil is women's nature, but if you are very particular about the quality/brand of your clothing and other products that you use, but almost always land up finding fault with your own looks and body figure, then you can never be happy. Don't be too picky about yourself , what you should do is to focus on your strengths. Count your strengths once every morning. You will be less picky to yourself and will feel more happy.

4. Do good management of time
Psychological experts say, in fact, as long as you can manage time, improve your work efficiency, enhance the relationship with friends and family members, happiness can be greatly improved. If you want to manage time well, the most important point is to make clear what you need to do first, and then adjust accordingly to allocate right time to each thing you have planned.

5 Share happiness
Share joy is one of the most effective way to keep happy. It can let us build a solid and lasting relationships, and also sharing joy and fun can increase happiness, vitality and power to meet emergency.

If you're feeling down, remind yourself that your life could be worse. You could be that starving or a homeless orphan on the side of the road. Learn to be grateful, change a little and you will be more happier.

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