Metabolic disorder happens when anomalous chemical reaction within the body causes disruption to the process of metabolism. To your information Metabolism is a physical process which helps in making energy out of the consumed food stuff. Food includes important nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats as well as proteins etc. Chemicals that are present in your digestive system break down the food and make it useful fuel for your body. This fuel is used by the body right away or it can also be stored in tissues of the body including liver, muscles as well as body fat. In case of metabolic disorder the men affected with the condition will have surplus or deficient amount of substances that are required for healthful state.
Metabolic disorders can be experienced by children, women, men and old individuals. Metabolic disorder experienced by older men is more difficult as their body's metabolism rate is lower and repairing it would become difficult. Here are some metabolic disorders that are commonly experienced by older men.

Hyperthyroidism is a term used to refer to overactive tissues present within the thyroid gland. This causes surplus production of thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroidism is thus a thyrotoxicosis resulted condition which is a clinical condition wherein there is an increment in the blood related thyroid hormones. Younger thyroid patients may have several symptoms associated to the condition or overactive thyroid whereas in case of older men there may be merely one or two possible symptoms of the condition. For example these symptoms may include heart fluttering, discomfort in chest, tremor, depression, etc. Older men suffering from hyperthyroidism are given treatment including medicine such as antithyroid drugs as well as radioactive iodine. Older men are seldom suggested surgery as it has increased risk of death in older individuals. In most cases the patients are closely monitored by doctor for any fluctuation in health condition. However, just by using oral medication such as antithyroid drugs most patients obtain relief.

Anemia is another common metabolic disorder in older men. Anemia is usually characterized with reduction in RBC or Red Blood Cell. However, in case of older individuals the cause of anemia may differ from possible causes in older individuals. The prevalence of anemia in older men is understood through evaluation of their medical history, physical tests as well as laboratory tests. In older men anemia is also often incidentally detected during laboratory testing of any existing physical issues. Symptoms of anemia generally includes tiredness, weariness, respiratory issues, lightheadedness, palpitation, paled skin, heart murmur, increased heart rate, fainting, dizziness etc. If any of the physical signs are noticed it is essential to consult your doctor immediately.

Nutritional Deficiency:
Nutritional deficiency is another frequently noticed metabolic disorder in older men. Aged men, almost all, tend to suffer from reduced appetite which may reduce their food intake. This may lead to nutritional deficiency. This condition may have further influence on the mental state of the aged men. Hence, they should be given nutritional food stuff so that even in less consumption they get more nutrients.

In some cases the symptoms of metabolic disorder goes unnoticed due to similarities with traits of aging process. Hence, for older individuals it is essential to pay attention towards their health and even mild symptoms should be discussed with doctor.

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