Yoga, when done early in the morning brings a lot of benefits to the individual. Yoga is a form of exercise that involves the physical, spiritual and verbal health of the individual. It originated in India in most of the major religious sects, namely Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Yoga practice has spread all over the world because it was found to be beneficial in many aspects to those who practiced it.

Yoga serves its purpose best when practiced early in the morning before anything else. Yoga is known to slow the heartbeat and calm the nerves. It helps stabilize your moods and reduces your blood pressure. This enables you go through the ahead with ease. Yoga reduces your mood swings and helps you focus on what you have to do for the day. It takes away all nervousness and gives you fresh confidence for the day.

Increasing awareness

Yoga is also known to increase self awareness in people. This self awareness reduces the chances making mistakes very low. Yoga increases your concentration level and keeps you focused throughout the day, so you work more efficiently, committing little or no blunders at all.

Suppress Mental disorders

Yoga is also known to suppress the effects of mental disorders. Almost everyone suffers from one mental disorder or the other. Yoga exercises the brain and suppresses the effects of these disorders. Yoga reduces the effects of stress and depression. It is difficult to get depressed when you practice yoga in the morning.


Aside all the mental benefits, yoga also works on the physical body. It increases the rate of metabolism of the body and hence speeds up digestion. The body digests food faster and also get into the blood stream faster. This reduces indigestion, constipation and their associated problems as you go through your day.

Weight Loss

Yoga is a good weight loss program. The physical turns and twists burn body fat quickly. Practicing yoga every morning will keep your weight in check. The other side is that, it makes your mind more disciplined and so you crave less for food and therefore works better than other means of weight loss. Yoga also works on every part of the body and so gives you a good body shape and proportion. You will not have some parts of your body larger in proportion than others.

Good sleep

Practicing yoga in the morning has an effect on your sleep at night. If you go through the exercises in the morning, your day is more organized and you achieve most of your goals and so at the end of the day, you have this peaceful feeling. You can therefore be sure of a peaceful night sleep. The fact that you go through less stress during the day also makes your sleep peaceful and enjoyable. Yoga can therefore be used to cure insomnia to an extent.
Practicing Yoga in the morning obviously makes your day easier. You have a more concentrated mind, an intelligent mind, a fit body and above all, a peaceful sleep at night.

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