The health and fitness industry uses psychological games to persuade you to buy their fast weight loss products. When the health and fitness industry is marketing a health product, the product is usually photograph with lean and appealing people, who, probably, has never been fat their whole lives. Trying to persuade you, subconsciously, that you can look like these lean and appealing people just by using their new, hot health product. This is called "getting in shape" mindset, according to Rob Poulos, a fitness author.

So is your mindset stopping you from fast weight loss and keeping it off? By being persuaded to buy every new, fast weight loss product that is advertised by the health and fitness industry you leave yourself susceptible to this type of thinking. It is usually an unrealistic diet or exercise for fast weight loss with strict guidelines. The advertising world knows how to sell. Bigger the purse better the pitch. And the health and fitness industry is a very lucrative business.

Also there is a "magic bullet mentality" mindset. You take a pill or a supplement and you become lean and appealing, just like those people you see in the fast weight loss advertising ads. This is just another form of "getting in shape" mindset.

Each person has a unique body. If you were a 90 pound weakling you would not or should not expect yourself to become a world class boxing champion. It's unrealistic. But, still, do we not think unrealistically when looking at a new health and fitness industry advertising ad, trying to sell you their latest, miracle product. There will always be a new, upcoming, miracle product that will do the job.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to those lean and appealing, cream of the crop, guys or gals in those fast weight loss advertising ads. Do not get lost in the sensationalism.

According to Rob Poulos there is a successful way for fast weight loss by eating a diet of nutrient foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs. And staying away from fast foods and prepared, packaged foods, because of the additives or preservatives in them. Studies are showing these additives adversely affect fat burning hormones. That is why eating home cooked meals are important.

Grapefruit, watermelon and berries are a good start for a nutritious diet. Hot peppers, like cayenne peppers, will assist your metabolism because of the ingredient capsaicin. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are good fats, and fish have these, along with vitamins and minerals. They even have an effect on the fat burning hormone, leptin. But the best fat burning food is eggs. Eggs has 7 grams of protein. Eggs burn more calories than carbohydrate diets. These foods will help you succeed in achieving fast weight loss naturally. This lifestyle is long term. It takes about 30 days to develop a new habit and probably just as long to break one.

The next step is "intense resistance training" exercise, like a brisk walk uphill. Making our bodies to perform hard is crucial, this does more than just burn calories. "Intense resistance training" exercise will make your body healthy by putting it under stress. Our bodies, to stay healthy, yearns to perform at a high level.

Drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily is a must for fast weight loss naturally. Getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep. Caffeine will interfere with the quality and ability to fall asleep. Research studies are showing that caffeine causes depression and a wide array of other emotional and physical illnesses. The fat burning foods, the "intense resistance training" exercise, and your sleep pattern all affect these fat burning hormones in some way.

These are long term changes for fast weight loss naturally. Placing your effort into a successful way of life to succeed in losing weight, is well worth the effort.

About Author / Additional Info:
Article written by Rita Johnston. For Rob and Kalen Poulos, whose passion is to help others lose weight. They have been in the same situation, fat and frustrated. Click on the link provided to learn more about the e-book Rob Poulos wrote.