Cancer is a very scary thing. You see people everyday either being diagnosed, dying or fighting cancer. But you never see the facts of why it is they are. That's why I'm writing this. To get to the facts of this cancer, Stomach Cancer. Stomach Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world and second most common cause of a cancerous death worldwide. The survival rates for a person with Stomach Cancer is very rarely makes it over 70 or 75%. About 800,000 people die worldwide per year due to this disease.

Stomach Cancer is most common to start in the inner layers of the abdomen but there are two types of tumors that can be found. A belingn and a malignant. A belingn tumor usually does not spread nor grow back, but there can be a possibility. They usually aren't life threatening and don't invade the tissues around them. But the malignant tumor does spread and grow back. It can be life threatening and they do invade the tissues and spread.

You could be at risk if you've had long term inflammation of the stomach, stomach surgery, or a helicobacterpylori infections. Other risks include if you smoke or use any tobacco product, if you have type A blood, a poor diet in fruits and vegies, obesity, lack of physical activities, and if you work in the coal, rubber and metal industries. You're also at a higher risk if it runs in the family. Gender and race have a lot of risks too. If you are a male then it's twice as more common you would get it than a woman. It's also more common in African Americans and Hispanic in the US. It's also more common in Europe, Asia, and Korea. The likely age of getting this cancer is over the age of 50 and usually in between the 60's and 80's.

Symptoms are often not there in the beginning but if they are they would include heart burn and indigestion, loss of appetite, discomfort in the abdomen, difficulty swallowing, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, and feeling bloated or full after a small meal.

When you are diagnosed with Stomach Cancer symptoms they will run many tests to make sure. They will do a physical exam, maybe take you to see a gastroenterologist, a endoscopy, a biopsy, and probably even more. What the tests will do is determine where the tumor is, how big it is, if it's even Stomach Cancer and also determine the steps they need to take. After you're diagnosed y'all have to back a plan for treatment(s). You will determine this based on the size of the tumor and where it's located. Treatments will either be surgery, chemo or radiation. Could be all three. Could be only one. You never know.

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